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Great Pascal Tutor.
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Great Pascal Tutor.
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PRINT-TL.BAT 542 259 deflated
PROG1.PAS 504 301 deflated
PROG10.PAS 1013 488 deflated
PROG2.PAS 9070 3492 deflated
PROG2A.PAS 842 294 deflated
PROG3.PAS 2034 831 deflated
PROG4.PAS 388 230 deflated
PROG5.PAS 680 358 deflated
PROG6.PAS 769 416 deflated
PROG7.PAS 919 420 deflated
PROG8.PAS 1266 496 deflated
PROG9.PAS 556 303 deflated
READ.ME 929 514 deflated
TEST1.PAS 231 189 deflated
TL01.TXT 13355 4369 deflated
TL02.TXT 2863 1272 deflated
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TL05.TXT 6815 2621 deflated
TL06.TXT 4032 1537 deflated
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TL08.TXT 5402 2019 deflated
TL09.TXT 2713 1159 deflated
TL10.TXT 6390 2468 deflated
TUTOR2.ZIP 31289 28060 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

TURBO-LESSONS - A Pascal Tutorial Version 1.01 Read.Me

TURBO-LESSONS were written to help you learn to program in
TURBO Pascal. They are being distributed as User-Supported
Software. Suggested donation is $7.00 for Lessons 1-10.

Two, possibly three more sets of lessons (about 10 lessons per
set) will be forthcoming on the remaining Pascal topics, provided
user response keeps me at my keyboard.

TURBO-LESSONS were designed so that you can experiment with the
sample programs in the computer as you progress through the
printed copy of the lessons.

Before starting the tutorial, you should print a copy of the lessons.

1. Unsqueeze TPTUTOR1.LQR and unlibrary all files.
(The lessons were squeezed with NSQ and libraried with LU86.)

2. Type PRINT-TL to print the lessons.
(Type COPY TL01.TXT PRN: to print only lesson one.)

3. Make a back-up copy of the programs and lessons.

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