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This is TurboPower's Browser unit modified to use Tpwindow and Tpmouse.
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This is TurboPower’s Browser unit modified to use Tpwindow and Tpmouse.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

This is the browser unit modified to use Tpwindow and Tpmouse.
It is in working condition, but I have NOT extensively tested it. You may
freely use it as you see fit, but I will not guarantee it to function.

It doesn't have a slider bar. Very difficult to implement.

You must add the conditional define "UseTpmouse" I added this more as a way
to document the code changes I made.

I have not incorporated this in any programs. The client decided he didn't
need mouse support.

To test, modify the Netdemo program as follows.

{ -- put in uses of netdemo -- }

{$IFDEF UseTpMouse}
BrowserM; {Mouse support--database browser}
Browser; {normal database browser}

{-- add global var -- }
Mouse : Boolean;

{ -- add this right after the question for Save mode -- }
{$IFDEF UseTpMouse}
Mouse := false;
if MouseInstalled then
if YesNo('Do you want mouse support?', 'N') then
Mouse := true
Mouse := False;

{ -- add this after the AddBrowseCommand lines --}
{$IFDEF UseTpMouse}
if Mouse = true then
SoftMouseCursor ($0000, (White+_Red) shl 8 + $04);

{ -- remove call to Browse Insert these lines instead -- }
BrowseMouseScroll := true;
BrowseMousePage := true;
BrowResp := BrowseM (Pf, True, ActKeyNr,
'', #255,
1,2, 80,24,
True, {draw a frame}
White+_Blue, Cyan+_Blue, LtBlue+_Cyan,
' Browse Customer File ',
Person, DatLen,
ActRec, ActKey, BrowExit,
nil, @BuildaRow, @DisplayaRow);

{ -- add these lines after the Until loop -- }
{$IFDEF UseTpMouse}
if Mouse = true then

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