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Turbo Pascal/Topaz query TPU. Sets the filter ala dBase III+ assist for any Topaz application. Boolean logic supported.
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Turbo Pascal/Topaz query TPU. Sets the filter ala dBase III+ assist for any Topaz application. Boolean logic supported.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

QNR - V01.00
(C)opyright 1991 - Caboose Software Engineering


QNR, or Query N' Report, was developed to provide a more powerful filter for
Topaz. Currently, user defined queries were difficult or impossible. Now,
with the additon of the initial release of QNR, the filter can be a powerful
xBase like query. The query is built ala a dBase III+ Assist query build, but
can also be typed in on a command line and parsed. For syntax sake, the first
method is preferred and recommended.

For those of you creating professional systems in Topaz, I promise you that
this unit is now and will progress to be a powerful query add-on. As with
typical xBase filters and even Topaz filters, the speed of a system utilizing
a query is greatly reduced. But for subsets and reports, QNR is truly

As in virtually the first release of all units hacked together to fill a
specific need, there are some powerful features and some noticable ommissions.
As comments, and registrations, come in I will gladly update the software
to include a host of powerful features.


READ.ME - This file of limited documentation.
QNR.HED - Header file for QNR.
QNR.TPU - A pre-compiled TPU, using Turbo Pascal 6.0 and Topaz 3.0.
QNRDEMO.PAS - A demonstration program showing a possible QNR implementation.
QNRDOT.PAS - A program to simulate a "dot prompt" query.


The latest shareware release of QNR can be downloaded from the following
BBS systems:

Software Science BBS @ 1-415/467-6786
Programmers Corner @ 1-301/586-1180

or you can always receive the absolute latest version directly from
the author for the $25 registration fee at his Silver Spring address.


Procedure GetQuery ( VAR QueryString : String );
+ This procedure is similar to assist and can be used to retrieve a
query in a QNR syntactically correct format.

Function ProcessQuery : Boolean;
+ This function validates whether a query is valid for processing.

Function ParseQuery : Boolean;
+ This function is used as the actual SET_FILTER_TO() condition. Please
note that the string which contains the query to be processed MUST be
moved into QueryString.

Procedure InitializeQuery;
+ This procedure initializes the internal tables for the query function.
It is recommended that this is only initialized before a ProcessQuery


The best suggestions I have is to closely examine the demonstration included
in this ZIP file, QNRDEMO. A long tutorial of QNR is not necessary nor
is it going to happen in this short READ.ME.

You will note that you can type in a condition based on another field. Try
a query like 'AGE > WIFES_AGE' to compare fields within a database instead
of versus a literal value. This feature was just added so there may be bugs
related to this.

Also note that a string must be enclosed with double quotes, not single. For

STATE = "MD" is valid but,
STATE = 'MD' is not.


+ Data dictionary support.
+ Relational database support.
+ The R. In other words, a configurable report writer and generator.
+ Possibly a unit to graph dBase data.
+ More intelligent parser for "dot prompt" entry.
+ Ability to edit, expand and contract queries.
+ Expanded demonstration software supporting cataloging frequent queries.
+ Support of non-exact queries via UPPERCASE conversion of data.
+ Increase in speed of query processing via assembler routines.


If you find QNR useful in your computing activities, please consider
sending a donation to cover development time and ingenuity. If you use QNR
in your systems, please think of life without this valuable unit! A $25
donation is suggested, which I believe is an extremely reasonable sum for
this initial release. Registered users will receive a free upgrade to the
all minor releases of QNR, and a substantial discount on any major releases.
If you send a diskette with a pre-stamped (three stamps) disk mailer, I will
send along the latest version of QNR and any other shareware utilities I have
produced. Source code for all Caboose Software Engineering software is
available on request for an additional cost.

All shareware libraries may freely distribute this package provided I am
notified of the inclusion.

Thanks for your support. As always, comments are welcome and appreciated.

-Barry Smith

Caboose Software Engineering
2921 Bluff Point Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20906


V01.00 (09 Aug 91)

o First public release. Written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 using the Topaz
commercial dBase library.

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