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Turbo Pascal V4 graphics pattern fill code.
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Turbo Pascal V4 graphics pattern fill code.
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Contents of the FILLEDIT.DOC file

July 26, 1988 Filledit Version 1.40

Your archive should include the following files:

filledit.pas {Turbo Pascal 4.0 source code for fill-edit.exe}
filltype.pas {Turbo 4.0 unit to implement new patterns}
filledit.exe {Executable fill pattern editor}
filledit.doc {This file}

Turbo pascal version 4.0 provides the programmer with a mind boggling 1.8
quintillion different fill pattern (2^64 patterns) combinations. The only
problem is that if you want to use any of them, you have to define a constant
of fillpatterntype. Fillpatterntype is predefined in graph.tpu. It equals
Array [1..8] of byte. Normally, to create a new fill pattern, you would have
to draw an 8 x 8 array on a piece of paper, and then convert each row of 8 bits
into a byte. Then you would have convert the resulting jumble of numbers into
source code.

Fill-edit is an on screen fill pattern editor which lets you create your own
unique fill patterns for use with Turbo pascal 4.0, and then saves the
appropriate information as Turbo Pascal source code.

To use the patterns that you create with Fill Edit, use an include directive
in your program:

{$i newpatrn.dat}

The code is meant to be an example of how to program a bit editor. The
program itself is useful only if you are programming BGI graphics.

Good luck with your programming!

Darren D. Humphrey [1:363/19]

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