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Utilities for creating games in Turbo Pascal.
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Utilities for creating games in Turbo Pascal.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

GameTP Utilites Copyright 1992 Scott D. Ramsay

These utilites are specifically made for the GameTP libraries. You
should have five programs:

PLAYFLS.EXE Plays FLS and FLI files

VOCINFLS.EXE Inserts VOC sound files into FLI and FLS files

VSPMAKER.EXE VSP sprite creation/edit program

GEOMAKER.EXE Tile map generator program

For the last two programs mentioned above, I used my own GUI
interface. The programs are pretty much self-explanatory. See the
special notes below for each progam. Since I did not create a reference
manual for the programs, you can e-mail ANY questions you may have about
use or problems.
The programs are free. If you like them, drop me a message. If you
are going to distribute them, please do so for free. Please include
all the files so others may enjoy too.


This is a simple sample program to play FLI or FLS files. FLS files
ARE FLI files with VOC audio embedded as frames.
The source code to this program is included. You will need the
GameTP2.0 libraries to recompile this program.


This utility places your VOC files into FLI or FLS files. Be sure
that you don't overwrite your old FLI files. I did not create a strip
VOC utility.
To use specify the VOCfile, the source FLI/FLS file, the destination
FLS file, and the frame number to insert the voice. E.G.


This creates a FLS file (noisef.fls). The VOC file MySound will
start playing at frame 10.

note: The sound files ARE counted as frames. By inserting a sound
file to your 100 frame FLI will create a 101 frame FLS file.


This program creates the sprite bitmaps and requires a mouse. The
number of sprites it can modify at one time depends on available
memory. Use the left-mouse button to draw with selected color one,
and the right-mouse button to draw with selected color two. Both
buttons always draws with the color at index 0. To pick up a color
on the drawing area use the left-CTRL(for selected color one) or
left-ALT key(for selected color two).
There are three modes: draw mode, the most used, line mode, and
paint mode. Draw mode allows free hand drawing, line mode allows
for drawing lines(only in the actual size window), and paint mode
fills in bounded areas (sorry, no undo command).
For sprites larger than 20x20, you can click the left button in
the actual size window(draw and paint mode) to select the new
zoomed area.

The F4 key toggles the color selection window. Use the left or
right mouse button to select your colors. The F5 key toggles
the palette modification window. The two current selected colors
are displayed and can be modifed to any RGB color. From this window
you can save or load your color palette tables.

Since the formats do not save color information you must save/load
your color selections from the palette modification window.

See the GameTP lib's for the format and use of VSP files.


This program allows you to create the tile maps. The tile sizes
can range from 4x4 up to 32x32. The map size can be of any size.
The window on left is your map view. Use the arrow keys or the
buttons below this window to scroll your map. Use the F1 key to
go to the map view to see an overall view of your tile map.
The right window is the current zoomed sprite. This window is
similar to the drawing mode in VSPMAKER. You can bring VSP files
created with VSPMAKER for use of your tile maps or you can create
the tiles within GEOMAKER. When bringing in VSP files, all sprites
must be the same size.
Drawing and color selection is very similar to VSPMAKER. Using
the Left-CTRL and ALT keys in the map window picks up the tile
map instead of the color.
Use the +/- buttons or the "Z" and "X" keys to cycle through
the sprites to use a your current drawing sprite.

The program uses disk space for its temporary storage because
of the possible sizes of the map, and sprites. The program create
three files in the default directory.

INFO.GEO 8 byte information file, current size for map and sprite.
First two words, sprite width,height
Next two words, map size width, height.
GEOS.GEO A VSP file of the current working geomorph.
MAPS.GEO The map file for the geomorph. Each byte represents
a tile map. A 100x100 map has a MAPS.GEO file size
of 10000 bytes.

The three files saves your current progress. If you quit without
saving, you can run the program in that diectory to continue where
you left off.

Other save formats:

GMP files combine the above three files to one large file in
See RSAMPLE.PAS in GameTP20 for an example to read GMP files.

MPT files are a combination of INFO.GEO+MAPS.GEO.

VSP files are sprite files.

Since the formats do not save color information you must save/load
your color selections from the palette modification window.

Scott Ramsay
[email protected]

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