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Good program lister in tpascal. w/ header and footer, page numbering.
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Good program lister in tpascal. w/ header and footer, page numbering.
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Contents of the TEXTPR.DOC file

TEXTPR version 1.0

A Simple text lister, used mostly for TPascal
program listings.

This utility is very simple to use. All you have to do is

A>[drive:] [pathname] TEXTPR

(anything in brackets are optional)
Then the program will ask you for a filename to print. The
filename you enter can include path names and drive identifiers.
But the path name will not be printed out on the header, just the

The program prints a header, which looks like the following:

filename.ext PRINTED ON current_date

So it is useful to set the date before using TextPr. On the right
side of the page, the page number is printed. At the bottom,
center of the page, the page number is again printed.

TextPr also accepts the {.PA} command which can be embedded
inside your Turbo Pascal code. This command forces a new page to
come out on the printer, where it will continue printing.


The Turbo Pascal file and a .COM file are included along
with this text file. Please distribute the .ARC file with those
three included.

GSoft is in no way responsible for what happens when you use
this program. It should work though, because I have used it

If you have any donations, suggestions, donations,
complaints, donations, etc.. please send them to:

13918 Notley Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20904


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