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Superwin v. 3.0 - Faster, new exploding method, and optional sound effec.
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Superwin v. 3.0 – Faster, new exploding method, and optional sound effec.
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Contents of the SUPERWIN.DOC file

by William Russell
version 3.0

This Turbo Pascal unit is shareware. It may be used on
a trial basis only. If you find SuperWin of use, a fee of
$5 would be greatly appreciated. This documentation must be
included with the unit. This unit was written in Turbo Pascal
by Borland Inc. For versions 4.0 and 5.0.

Please send your money to the following address:

SuperWin c/o
Bill Russell
13401 Arden Way #21
Laurel, MD

This unit has four routines:

ClrWin (X1, Y1, X2, Y2)

Clears the area from the upper-left-hand corner (X1,Y1)
to the lower-right-hand corner (X2,Y2), then sets the
active window to the size of the entire 80x25 screen.

function StringOf (ASCIIValue, Times):TypeScreenString;

Returns a string composed of the character whose ASCII
value is ASCIIValue made up of Times characters.

Solid_Window (X1, Y1, X2, Y2, Border);

Creates a window from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2) on the screen.
The border of the window is made of the characters in the
string border. The first character in the string is the
upper-left corner. The second is the upper-right. The third
is the lower-left, and the fourth is the lower-right. The
fifth character is the horizontal line character and the
last character is the vertical line character. You can use
the constant array BorderType [