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Turbo Pascal unit for fast moving games.
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Turbo Pascal unit for fast moving games.
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Download File GAMETP.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

GameTP 1.0 Copyright 1992 Scott Ramsay

Requires Turbo Pascal 6.0

The .TPU units can be used freely in commerical and non-commerical
programs. As long as you don't give yourself credit for writing
this portion of the code. When distributing (free only) TPU files,
please include all files and samples so others may enjoy using the code.
Go crazy.

Please bear with my program comments. I'm not a tech-writer. You're
more than welcome to modify the comments in this file for people to

Some units use Object Oriented Programing.



This is the main unit. Have all your basic routines, color,
sprites, line, circle, paging, etc.


* Fast 320x200x256 draw routines, compatible with ALL vga
cards. Does not use tweaked modes.

* Flicker free color manipulation. Fadein/Fadeout, Fast Color sets.

* Easy managable sprites. Sprites limited only to computer memory.

* Layering sprites up to 256 levels.

* Two methods of displaying transparent sprites.

* virtual paging. Extra pages lilited only to computer memory.


Small unit for Paralax Scrolling. Waves, 3D effects. See it to
believe it!


Image unit. Simple loads background screens to memory
supports 320x200x256 PCX files. An custom compress
format (PTR) "below average compression"




Keyhandling routines.


* Handles multiple presses.

* Takes over the keyboard interrupt.

* Specifically designed for game programs.


This unit does multiple backgrounds. Tile maps, like Ultima
and Super Mario type games.


* Transparent tile maps. Allows picture backgrounds behind maps.

* Multiple tile maps. Multiple maps adds 3D effect.


This unit organizes sprites during play. Animate, motion, redraw,
collision, etc.


* Allocates objects to heap. Number of objects bounded only
by computer memory.


Misc. functions for programs.

If you have any problems, e-mail at:

[email protected]

Sorry, I don't have permanent snail-mail address yet. I just moved
to the Washington DC area.

The TPU units can be used with in your programs. With out giving
me credit. If you want the source code, more samples or swap-talk,
just e-mail me. I'll give sample use-code for free. Actual TPU-source
code prices can be discussed.

Also, I have completed the following programs.

GEOMAKER Makes tile-maps quickly.
VSPMAKER Makes the VSP files.
BKMAKER A drawing program that can read
VEW files (my own raw format)
PTR files (my own compressed format)
GIF files
PCX files

The three above programs are specifically designed for the 320x200x256
(game development). I'll upload them when I think they are ready
to go. (Bout a week)

(Artwork samples done by me. Freeware. Knock your-self out.
Plug. Highly recommended... For game programmers, try to get
Animator Pro by Autodesk. This is an excellent program for
imaging, sprites and so forth. Very similar to the Animator,
but has better graphic features. The 3D models are created
with 3D studio by Autodesk then ported to Animator Pro, then
scaled down/converted to my VSP files. If you can blow a
few thousand bucks, buy the 3D studio. You can do some amazing
3D animations. I can't afford it, I use it at work.)

I want to see some great games.

Scott D. Ramsay
[email protected]

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