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Turbo Pascal 5.5 Object Oriented Window Package.
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Turbo Pascal 5.5 Object Oriented Window Package.
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Contents of the OOPWIN.DOC file

OOPWin.PAS- An Object Oriented Test Project

This Unit and the associated program were written as a project to be
included in one of my shareware programs (Colorado Utilities Disk Manager).
I have wanted to share some of the code used in building that product with
those who contributed to its creation.

OOPWin.PAS builds an array of expanded wildcards using an input window
and then allows comparisons against that array. While it may seem to be
a useless project I can assure you I have foundthat I learn a lot more
writing code than reading about it and this was a project to learn OOP and
the new release (5.5) of Turbo Parcal.

The entire project requires Turbo Professional from Turbo Power, which I
believe every serious Turbo Pascal software developer should own. If you
don't use the library at least you can study some of the best library code
written yet for pascal.

Executing OOPWin ---- The program will display a blank window. When you hit
enter you can modify the entry you are currently on. Entering 'T??T.*' will
result in a wildcard expansion of 'T??T.???'. '*.PAS' would result in
'????????.PAS'. When you are through with the array window, hit the Esc key.
You may then enter file names to compare against the array. When finished
just hit the Esc key and you will be returned to DOS.

Have fun with OOP (I am) and I hope you enjoy the Object.

This unit was patterned after the examples in the Borland OOP guide and
full credit for what knowledge I've gained goes to the author and to
Borland International. I'll probably never write another program without
object orientation again.

Fred Hill

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