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Demo of TurboPower's impending Developer's add-on for Turbo Pascal for Windows. Looks like a nice package.
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Demo of TurboPower’s impending Developer’s add-on for Turbo Pascal for Windows. Looks like a nice package.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDRBOOK.EXE 50432 18729 deflated
BWCC.DLL 130224 41102 deflated
CONTROLS.EXE 19456 7685 deflated
CUSTDATA.EXE 67328 18926 deflated
DEWCC.DLL 124160 39778 deflated
DEWDEMO.DOC 2073 951 deflated
DEWSC.DLL 39936 11302 deflated
DOODLE.EXE 42496 10614 deflated
MOCKUP.EXE 24064 8395 deflated
SAMPLE.ADR 4794 917 deflated
WINSYS.DLL 90368 37034 deflated

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Contents of the DEWDEMO.DOC file

TurboPower Software
July 1992

This self-extracting archive contains five programs that demonstrate the
facilities found in Data Entry Workshop, a new product from TurboPower
Software, scheduled for release in late summer 1992.

Data Entry Workshop ("DEW") includes two custom control libraries, DEWCC.DLL
and DEWSC.DLL, that together provide 8 new classes of controls: three entry
field controls, a spin control, a shade control, a meter control, a toolbox
control, and a toolbar control. These control libraries are designed to be
used in conjunction with Borland's Resource Workshop and with BWCC.DLL.

Below are brief descriptions of each of the five demo programs. See DEW.TXT
for additional information on the product.

ADDRBOOK demonstrates how a typical database application written with
DEWCC.DLL would look and behave. After loading ADDRBOOK, select File | Open
from the main menu, then select the SAMPLE.ADR file that we've supplied.
To edit an entry, press or double-click on it. Within a date field
in the entry screen, press or double-click to bring up a calendar

This do-nothing program displays an entry screen that contains examples of
the various control types implemented in DEWCC.DLL.

CUSTDATA is another sample database application. It uses the toolbar control
from DEWSC.DLL, and its data entry screen is a child window that's always
displayed. CUSTDATA also uses DEWCC's special shade controls to organize
other controls in the entry screen into groups.

DOODLE is an MDI application that uses the toolbox control from DEWSC.DLL.
It lets you scribble things on its "doodle pads," each of which has its own

MOCKUP suggests what a status dialog in an installation program would look
like if it used DEWSC.DLL's meter control.

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