Dec 232017
Borland's fix for the STDDLG.PAS unit in Borland Pascal 7.0's version of Turbo Vision.
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Borland’s fix for the STDDLG.PAS unit in Borland Pascal 7.0’s version of Turbo Vision.
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Contents of the PATCHR.TXT file

When using the TFileDialog object with Borland Pascal 7.0
users may find that errors occur when navigating through subdirectories
using the "..\" symbol in the files listbox. Borland is aware of this
problem and wants all our users to know that there is a simple fix.
The problem lies in the StdDlg.Pas file which resides in
the \BP\RTL\TV subdirectory. After opening the file, search on the
word "RELATIVEPATH" to find the following code:

function RelativePath(var S: PathStr): Boolean;
S := LTrim(RTrim(S));
RelativePath := not (S <> '') and ((S[1] = '\') or (S[2] = ':'));

In order to resolve the problem, change the fourth line so that it
looks like this:

RelativePath := not ((S <> '') and ((S[1] = '\') or (S[2] = ':')));

The problem, of course, was a missing set of paranthesis.
When you are done, you can copy your new TPU or TPP file
into the \BP\UNITS subdirectory.
Pascal users should understand that this was a BPO7 problem
which does not exist in the TP7 release.

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