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Borland patch for TPW to work with Windows 3.1, new TPW units to access the new WIN3.1 API functions, demo code for OLE and TrueType, and new WINDEBUG.DLL.
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Borland patch for TPW to work with Windows 3.1, new TPW units to access the new WIN3.1 API functions, demo code for OLE and TrueType, and new WINDEBUG.DLL.
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Contents of the README file

Turbo Pascal for Windows
Windows 3.1 Compatibility Files

The following files update Turbo Pascal for use with Windows 3.1:

IDEPATCH ZIP IDE patch program (fixes Windows 3.1 incompatibility)
PASCAL ZIP Windows 3.1 API interface units
OLEDEMO ZIP OLE client demo
TTDEMO ZIP True type demo
README This file!

Installation Notes
These Windows 3.1 compatibility files work with Turbo Pascal for
Windows 1.0:

1. IDE Patch program

Due to a change in Windows 3.1, the Turbo Pascal for Windows IDE
will not always correctly refresh the status line (displayed at
the bottom of the window). Although this problem is cosmetic and
does not affect the functionality of the editor, it can be
corrected easily by running a simple patch program.

To run the patch program, unzip IDEPATCH.ZIP into your TPW
directory and type the following command at the DOS prompt:


Note that there is no harm in running the patch twice. This
patch will work on all versions of Turbo Pascal for Windows
1.0 (including international versions).

2. Windows 3.1 API interface units

Unzip the .PAS files inside PASCAL.ZIP into your TPW directory.
WIN31.PAS contains all the Windows 3.1 API additions or
modifications made in USER.EXE, KERNEL.EXE and GDI.EXE. PASCAL.ZIP
also contains a number of interface units for new Windows 3.1


TDW.ZIP contains an updated version of WINDEBUG.DLL. Unzip TDW.ZIP
into your TPW directory and overwrite the previous version of
WINDEBUG.DLL. Note that this updated version of WINDEBUG.DLL works
with TDW 2.50 and TDW 3.00.

*** Note that even with the updated WINDEBUG.DLL, there are known
problems when using TDW with the Windows 3.1 debugging kernel
(available with the Microsoft SDK). You may encounter other
Windows 3.1 incompabilities as well.

4. Demonstration Programs

Note that the demonstration programs all use functions in DLLs
that are newly included with Windows 3.1. You must have Windows
3.1 to use these programs.

These compatibility files are provided early for your convenience.
They are considered pre-release and you should use them at your own

All files are copyrighted (c) 1992 by Borland unless otherwise
indicated. All rights are reserved.

Windows 3.1 Documentation
For further information on Windows 3.1, you may wish to order Windows
3.1 API reference manuals. These are available from Microsoft Press
and will also be available from Borland.

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