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Comm Protocol routines in Pascal.
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Comm Protocol routines in Pascal.
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Contents of the README file

This set of files is a sample WXmodem program for the TCOMM demo
BBS system. It is public domain.

The program is executed from a .BAT file as follows:


%1 Filename of parameter/control file
W/C/X W for windowed xmodem, C for CRC Xmodem, X for checksum
PCJR Optional, only if TCOMM BBS is run on a PC Junior

WXMODEM looks for the following information in the parameter/control

[S/R] filename [port] [baud] [parity]

[S/R] Send or Receive
filename To be sent or received
[port] Either COM1 or COM2
[baud] Any number over 0 and less than or equal to 9600
[parity] Supports EVEN and NONE. Only checks the first letter.
If EVEN then it assumes 7 data bits. If None, it assumes
8 data bits. Assumes 1 stop bit.

In all cases, the parity, baud rate and stop bits are restored
to what they were prior to invoking the program.

At initialization time, WXMODEM will send a message out the line
indicating filenames, abort sequence, time estimate and block counts.

Please let me know how it works.

Peter Boswell (312) 670-2660
People/Link (Topper)

Windowed Xmodem has been provided to the public domain by People/Link
Call 800 826-8855 (modem) for a free hour. In Illinois call
312 822-9712.

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