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Hercules graf. card routines and demonstrations.
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Hercules graf. card routines and demonstrations.
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Contents of the TPHERC.DOC file

TPHERC is a collection of TURBO Pascal graphics routines for the Hercules
Monochrome Graphics Card and compatibles. You should find the following
programs present in this ARChive:

HERCDOT.COM External assembly language subroutine for
the HercDot procedure.

TPHERC.PAS Include file which contains the Hercules
Hercules graphics routines.

TPHRCDMO.COM A demonstration program of the graphics

TPHERC.DOC This file.

To use these routines in you programs, insert the line {$I TPHERC.PAS } into
the beginning of your source file. You do not need to define HercDot as being
external and found in HERCDOT.COM; that is done in TPHERC.PAS. However,
HERCDOT.COM must be in the default directory.

The following is a listing of the graphics routines and their purpose:


Calling this procedure enters 720 x 348 graphics mode. It uses page one as
the video refresh buffer. It takes no parameters.


Calling this procedure exits graphics mode and returns to 80 x 25
monochrome text. It takes no parameters;


This procedure clears page one of the graphics screen. It takes no


This procedure places a dot at the specified X and Y coordinates. It takes
3 integer parameters. The first is an X coordinate between 0 and 719. The
second is a Y coordinate between 0 and 347. The third determines whether a
dot is placed or erased. If it is non-zero, a point is drawn. If it is
zero, a point is erased.


This procedure draws a line from the first given pair of X and Y
coordinates to the second given pair of X and Y coordinates. It takes 5
integer parameters. The first two are the starting X and Y coordinates. The
second two are the ending X and Y coordinates. The fifth determines whether
a point is drawn or erased. It works the same way as in HercDot.

You are encouraged to share these routines with one and all, provided that
NOTHING is modified. However, you may feel free to modify these routines for
your own personal use. If you distribute programs that incorporate these
routines, however, you must give me credit in your documentation.

David Nieves


I would like to hereby state that the CRT register programing technique used
in HercGraphic and HercText is derived from MANDEL.PAS, published in the
August, 1986 issue of PC TECH JOURNAL. Also, the line drawing algorithn
implemented in HercLine is taken from the program VSCREEN.PAS, published in
the September, 1986 issue of PC TECH JOURNAL.


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