Dec 112017
Very old TP 3.0+ source for the older WWIV BBS program.
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Very old TP 3.0+ source for the older WWIV BBS program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BBS.PAS 32374 8756 deflated
COMMON.PAS 23905 6783 deflated
DLMENU.MSG 334 217 deflated
DLOADS.PAS 32250 7987 deflated
DLP1.PAS 16012 4213 deflated
DOS.PAS 42145 9951 deflated
DOSMNU.MSG 251 179 deflated
HELP.MSG 17478 5859 deflated
INIT.PAS 9599 2702 deflated
MAINMENU.MSG 591 347 deflated
PART1.PAS 11070 3053 deflated
PART2.PAS 39644 10199 deflated
PART3.PAS 23488 5851 deflated
SECLEV.DAT 1536 136 deflated
SYSOPMNU.MSG 426 254 deflated
UPDATE.DOC 1152 590 deflated
WWIV310.DOC 26466 9865 deflated

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Contents of the UPDATE.DOC file

It seems quite a few people are confused about how to update to a new
version of WWIV. It is relatively simple. You do not need to erase all
your files or messages or anything like that. How to update:

1. Copy >ALL< of the new files into your main BBS directory. By this I
mean all the .PAS and .MSG files. SECLEV.DAT will probably not be changed,
and the documentation is for your information only.

2. Copy the .MSG files into the GFILES directory, such as "COPY *.MSG

3. Delete the .MSG files out of the main BBS directory, so you don't have
them sitting there for no reason, by saying (from the MAIN BBS directory,
not gfiles) "DEL *.MSG".

4. Compile the BBS, forgetting about "INIT.PAS". Look in the
documentation, and it will tell you which files need to be compiled, and
whether those are .CHN or .COM files.

5. You >DO NOT< need to run the initialization program. Any new files
which were not present on your older version will be created by the BBS
program when it is run for the first time.

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