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P.Burns menu routines,good.
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P.Burns menu routines,good.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASCII.PAS 768 249 deflated
GLOBTYPE.PAS 640 298 deflated
MENUDEMO.PAS 6016 1496 deflated
MINMAX.PAS 3584 378 deflated
PIBMENUS.PAS 51200 7008 deflated
README.DOC 768 447 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

This library contains TURBO Pascal routines which implement
a simple yet useful menu+windows facility. The heart of
the menu system is in PIBMENUS.PAS. MENUDEMO.PAS is a
short demonstration of how to use the menu routines.

To run the demo, use your favorite version of LU and extract
all of the .PAS files in this library. Get into TURBO,
make your main file MENUDEMO.PAS, and R(un) it. You should
get the sample baud-rate menu after a successful compilation.

Please upload any nifty features you add or (shudder) notices of
bugs you find. You may leave me messages on the following

Gene Plantz's BBS (312) 882 4145
Ron Fox's BBS (312) 940 6496

Phil Burns

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