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TP5.5 code for self modifying TP programs by Tom Swan.
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TP5.5 code for self modifying TP programs by Tom Swan.
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Download File TCUNIT.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

See STATIC.TXT for information about how to use the files. To
compile the programs, use the commands:

tpc /b windinst
tpc /b windtest

The .TPU and .EXE files were compiled with Turbo Pascal 5.5. If you
are using an earlier compiler version, you MUST recompile the units.

Execute windtest to run the test program. Press any key to quit.
Next, run the test installation program windinst. Change various
window colors and the title string. Then, run windtest again to see
the effects of your changes. Because I wrote these examples for
publication in a magazine, they are rather terse--for example, you
have to enter colors by number. But, they demonstrate all you need
to know to write your own installers with TCUNIT. I'd appreciate
your comments.

Tom Swan
Compuserve ID: 73627,3241

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