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TP4 set of utility routines, not bad.
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TP4 set of utility routines, not bad.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BENCHMRK.PAS 967 610 deflated
BIOSREAD.INC 1443 638 deflated
CHECKPSP.INC 721 362 deflated
CLS.INV 17 17 stored
COMBINE.BAT 128 56 deflated
COVER.COM 1152 814 deflated
COVER.DOC 2322 1105 deflated
DATE.INC 459 285 deflated
DECBIN.INC 653 382 deflated
DOT.PAS 712 371 deflated
DOWN.PAS 994 403 deflated
DTA.INC 2102 639 deflated
DUMPHEX.INC 254 175 deflated
ENTER.BAT 128 33 deflated
EQUIP.INC 808 474 deflated
FASTPRNT.INV 364 313 deflated
FILES375.TXT 3538 1408 deflated
FLOAT.PAS 389 252 deflated
FRACTAL.PAS 2298 1062 deflated
FREE.INC 817 447 deflated
GETDATE.INC 1997 697 deflated
GETDIR.PAS 2198 894 deflated
GETFREE.INC 1266 407 deflated
GETSEC.ASM 4002 1236 deflated
GETSEC.OBJ 111 110 deflated
HAL-PC.DOC 2147 790 deflated
HEAPTEST.PAS 1830 751 deflated
HEXDUMP.PAS 2347 921 deflated
INDEX.BAT 128 82 deflated
INFO.BAT 5760 1987 deflated
LINE.INV 510 376 deflated
MEM.INC 331 242 deflated
MEMDISP.PAS 3265 1103 deflated
PASCAPS.PAS 6136 2206 deflated
POINT.INV 263 211 deflated
POINTERS.PAS 547 290 deflated
PRINT2.PAS 8081 2430 deflated
PRINTDIR.PAS 20237 4753 deflated
READFAT.PAS 1323 502 deflated
READPSP1.INC 323 213 deflated
SIDEWYTR.PAS 5607 2076 deflated
START.BAT 128 93 deflated
STRPRNT.PAS 819 444 deflated
TEST.PAS 139 86 deflated
TESTDB.PAS 216 165 deflated
TIME.INC 450 289 deflated
TIMESTMP.PAS 2476 1051 deflated
TSIN.PAS 340 241 deflated
TSTSOUND.COM 10367 7900 deflated
TURBO-UT.COM 25784 15992 deflated
TURBO-UT.DEM 10378 3079 deflated
TURBO-UT.DOC 27836 7250 deflated
TURBO-UT.PAS 4101 1188 deflated
UT-MOD00.INC 725 346 deflated
UT-MOD01.INC 4147 1519 deflated
UT-MOD02.INC 8768 2482 deflated
UT-MOD03.INC 4748 1560 deflated
UT-MOD04.INC 2568 951 deflated
UT-MOD90.INC 1379 567 deflated

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Contents of the COVER.DOC file

COVER is a utility to print a sorted directory listing in such a
format as to allow the listing to be cut and inserted into the sleeve
with the diskette.It was written by Dan Daetwyler of Arkansas and
first published (and placed in the public domain) in the January 1984
issue of "Dr. Dobb's Journal". Anyone interested in the details is
referred to that issue.

To run, insert diskette with the program in the default drive and
type COVER. The program will prompt you for the ID of the drive that
contains the diskette to be listed. Type the appropriate letter
(either case) ONLY -- no colon or RETURN. The program will then ask
for a title to appear on the listing. The title may be up to
forty-four characters; if you do not want a title, simple press ENTER.
This process continues until ESC is entered at the drive ID prompt.
The program prints two envelope covers per page; if exited via ESC, it
will advance the paper to Top-of-Form and restore the printer to its
power up defaults.

The program issues Epson printer control codes for selecting
compressed print, 1/8 inch line spacing, and 44 lines to the logical
'page'. Those with IBM/Epson printers should be able to use COVER as
is. Those with a printer that uses different control codes with have
to 'patch' the program (using DEBUG or some other such program). The
sequence to initialize the printer begins at location 13C; the Epson
sequence is six bytes long (1B 30 1B 43 2C 0F) but it is padded with
zeros so that there is room for eleven codes altogether. The string
MUST terminate with a zero for the DOS call to work correctly. The
printer restore sequence is two bytes long (1B 40) and begins at
location 148; again, it is padded with five extra zeros for patching
room. If this is insufficient for setting up your printer, you might
try zeroing these sequences out and setting up your printer outside the
COVER program.

NOTE: Cover issues ONLY the DOS call interupt.This should insure
that it can run on any MS-DOS machine not just the IBM compatibles. It
has been successfully run on a TI Professional Computer with no
modification whatsoever.

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