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Patches to add color, DOS shell, and much more Great!.
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Patches to add color, DOS shell, and much more Great!.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COPYFILE.200 1700 527 deflated
INSTX.210 15755 3592 deflated
INSTX.COM 23537 14656 deflated
INSTX.ZAP 18692 2530 deflated
INSTX2.DOC 5122 1889 deflated
MAKEZAP.200 4844 1456 deflated
MENU.210 5816 1594 deflated
NWINDO.200 13576 3241 deflated
SCOLOR.200 7242 1607 deflated
TPVERS.200 3422 941 deflated
ZCOLOR.210 5275 1095 deflated

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Contents of the INSTX2.DOC file

{* I N S T X . D O C *}
{* *}
{* Separate this file out into INSTX.DOC *}

These file are demarked into Text,Main,and Include files.
A line of {*********} marks the file header and ....
A line of {.........} marks the file trailer.
The header indicates the filename used in the {$I ...}

It was necessary to Archive/Squeeze the files to avoid excessive
download time.

Separate the file with "ARC X INSTX2". Run Turbo with a main
file of INSTX.210. The input Turbo Compiler 3.00B or 3.01A
must reside within the current path. Patches will be made
to a copy; not the "real thing".
{ I n s t a l l e X e c u t e C o m m a n d }

This program provides modifications to the Borland Turbo Pascal
compiler Versions 3.00B and 3.01A.

Menu selections are -

1) Specify Input Zap Data File

This entry allows you to specify your own input zap file
or accept the default "INSTX.ZAP" provided.

2) Specify Input/Output .COM File Names

This entry allows you to override the default Input/Output
files used as source and target of the zaps or accept the
defaults of "TURBO.COM" and "TURBX.COM" as the input and
output file respecively. The input file will be copied to
the output file. The output file name must specify a file
other than the input file.

3) Reverse Edit Intensity Attributes

This zap will reverse the intensity attributes of the Turbo
editor Menus and editor text screen. This zap will not affect
the intensity attributes of programs produced by Turbo.

4) Specify Edit Screen colors

This zap allows PC Color Graphics Adapter (CGA) users to choose
full screen color attributes for Hilite, Normal, Marked, and Error
text for the Editor menus and screen. This does not affect
color/attributes of programs produced by the compiler.

5) Install the eXecute Command

This zap will install a DOS shell (EXEC process) so you may
exit to DOS while preserving the TURBO environment. You must
enter the DOS EXIT command to return to TURBO. Note that this
process requires a minimum of 128K for the TURBO compiler. The
eXecute command will obtain a second copy of COMMAND.COM from
the path specifed by the Comspec= environment parameter. (Thanks
to John Falconer's UseEnv function). Thus, you must have Command.Com
available via that path. Errors are returned as "EXEC Error #"
where # =

2: Command.Com not found on specified (Comspec) path
3: Path not found - incorrect Comspec path assignment
4: Too many open files - cant get a handle from DOS
5: Access denied - hidden Command.Com ??? Say What !!???
6: Invalid Handle
7: Memory control blocks destroyed-memory allocation err
8: Insufficient memory to run secondary shell
9: invalid Memory block address - clobbered memory
15: Invalid drive specified

for further information on unlikely errors see DOS Technical
Reference Manual (Murphy's Error Return Table 5-15).

6) User specified Zaps

This menu will ask you for a Keyword, search the Zap file
for a matching Keyword+Version and apply the zap.
Look at the INSTX.ZAP file for user zaps that apply to
your particular version of TURBO. You will find such zaps by
TURBO gurus as
Bela Lubkin
N.Arley Dealey
et al.

whose ideas gave rise to this program. The "maximum" zap sets
the default mAximum memory that a compiled program uses to
64K rather than All memory. the "msgyes" zap causes the compiler
to answer its own "Include error messages (Y/N)?" Yes, while the
"msgno" does the opposite.


- The Hunters Helper -
Lane Ferris
4268 26th St.
San Francisco 94131
CompuServe [70357,2716]

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