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Run Turbo Vision 2.0 program in graphics mode. Custom character sets.
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Run Turbo Vision 2.0 program in graphics mode. Custom character sets.
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Contents of the CC.DOC file

Custom Characters 2.0
(C) 1993 Steve Goldsmith
All Rights Reserved


To run Custom Characters 2.0 you need an IBM PC or 100% compatible,
VGA display or 100% compatible and MS DOS, DR DOS, Windows 3.x,
OS/2 or other operating systems that can run a DOS real mode


First, there was Turbo Vision 1.0 for Turbo Pascal 6. Turbo Vision
is a great object-oriented framework for building DOS applications
and is well worth the learning curve. Unfortunately, since TV is
text based you end up writing custom display routines for any of
the various graphics modes. A good example of this is my Snippy
2.0 animation player. It uses TV for the user interface, but has
a custom graphics mode dialogue to handle playing 256 color Snip
movies and viewing 256 color .PCX files. When you are finished
playing Snips and exporting .PCX files you switch back to TV's text

Then, there was TV Graph by Mindware of Australia. It allows you
to use TV in EGA or VGA graphics mode. This is a great concept,
but TV Graph is too slow for some real world applications. I
tested TV Graph 1.10's TVDEMO.EXE on systems ranging from a IBM
PS/2 model 30 to a 486 DX2 66MHZ local bus SVGA. With 286 VGA/SVGA
class machines the drawing speed is terrible! 486 local bus SVGA's
are faster, but TV Graph is still much slower than Windows 3.x and
DOS programs using GUIs. You also have to pay a per application
license fee for each shareware or commercial program.

Now, there is Custom Characters 2.0 for Borland Pascal 7.0 and
Turbo Vision 2.0! You can give your TV applications a truly
professional look with graphics, sprite animation, custom VGA
palettes and more without paying royalties!


Documented source code for BP7 and TV2 makes it easy to use some or
all of Custom Characters functionality in your existing programs.
Source can be easily modified for use with TP6 and TV1, Object
Professional, Turbo Professional or procedural (non-OOP) Pascal.
With a little effort it will work with TV for Turbo C++, other
languages and EGA displays.

No run-time royalties are required for using Custom Characters in
your programs!

Low level access to the VGA's CRT, attribute, graphics and
sequencer controllers is provided for VGA hackers who like to
tinker. All assembler code is in BASM (Built in Assembler), so no
external assembly is needed. BIOS routines are also included for
the highest level of compatibility.

Borland's BGI drivers are not needed for graphics!

Load and save fonts. Allows unlimited selection of fonts for text

Load, save and view .PCX images in text mode! You can use your
favorite paint program to edit or 'steal' fonts instead of one of
those cruddy little EGA/VGA font editors. As a bonus you get my
256 color encode and decode additions to the PCX engine!

640 X 400 pixel resolution in text mode to eliminate gaps between
characters. This allows you to animate sprites and do bit mapped
graphics not possible in standard text mode.

Access all 8 font tables available with the VGA instead of the 2
provided by BIOS.

Page flipping for flicker free animation, window moving, sizing,
scrolling, etc. This is a must for any serious animation on the

Flicker free palette changes, fades and attribute controller

Load and save configuration as a TV stream. You can also save your
desk top on the same stream!

Shell to DOS preserving the desk top, font and palette.


Complete documented source to CC.EXE which shows you how to use
everything! Support from author using GEnie, phone or mail.

Unit What it does

VGA Handles all low level VGA access.
PCX PCX engine objects.
VGACGFIL Load and save font (.CGF) files.
CHRSPR Animation dialogues using sprites.
CHRPCX Load and save .PCX files using font memory.
CHSETDLG Dialogue for displaying .PCX images.
PALDLG Palette dialogue for changing DAC at RGB level.
OPTDLG Screen options dialogue.
VIEWTXT Handy little text viewer without using EDITORS unit.

HEADERS.PAS shows you all the objects, procedures and functions
from the units above.


You can get Custom Characters 2.0 for only $20.00 US plus shipping.
That's less than the price of a programming book, magazine
subscription and most shareware font editors! Print ORDER.DOC for
IBM PC character printers or ORDER.TXT for ASCII printers.


Please report any support questions, problems, suggestions, etc. to
me via GEnie as S.GOLDSMITH2, voice phone (813) 925-1064 or mail
SASE to:

Steve Goldsmith
2805 Jamaica Street
Sarasota, FL 34231

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