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Icon Management Routines For DOS based GUI's.
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Icon Management Routines For DOS based GUI’s.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BEVDESK.IDF 16577 3417 deflated
DESICONS.IDF 16577 3221 deflated
DESKTOP.IDF 16577 3768 deflated
ICONMAN.PAS 8946 1834 deflated
ICONVIEW.EXE 49360 27351 deflated
TEST.IDF 16577 80 deflated
TICONDES.EXE 64160 31849 deflated
TPICONS.DOC 991 572 deflated

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Contents of the TPICONS.DOC file

TPICONS.ZIP contains several utilities and routines that enable the developer
to create attractive icons for GUI DOS based programs.

As an example of what can be achieved TICONDES.EXE, an icon design program,
derives all it's toolbar icons from the same IDF file it edits. This means
you can change any of the designers icons by simply editing the DESICONS.IDF

ICONMAN.PAS contains the source to manage icons created in the designer. It
also contains routines to grab an area of the screen to create an icon. See
the source code for more documentation on the units routines.

ICONVIEW.EXE is a viewer program for IDF files.

If you find these programs useful a donation of 25 would be gratefully
received. If you have any comments or suggenstions please contact :-

Andrew Denton
Freeway Consultancy Limited
2 Sopwith Crescent
Hurricane Way
Wickford Business Park
SS11 8YU

Telephone :- +44 268 572300
Facsimile :- +44 268 572068

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