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Pascal source to view ASCII files and "browse" through them.
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Pascal source to view ASCII files and “browse” through them.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLEARBUF.PAS 1324 194 deflated
CLEARSCR.PAS 1423 218 deflated
DISPLAYM.PAS 3582 742 deflated
DISPLAYS.PAS 7240 1231 deflated
FIND.PAS 13411 2225 deflated
FORMATLI.PAS 4501 957 deflated
GLOBTYPE.PAS 611 305 deflated
INIT.PAS 12176 2374 deflated
ISSUEPRO.PAS 2561 497 deflated
MINMAX.PAS 7129 527 deflated
NUMBER.PAS 2390 422 deflated
PIBLIST.DOC 32081 5781 deflated
PIBLIST.PAS 11939 2927 deflated
POSITION.PAS 6660 1183 deflated
PROMPT.PAS 4109 790 deflated
READCOMM.PAS 6029 917 deflated
READLINE.PAS 5058 1138 deflated
READLNF.PAS 2766 604 deflated
README.DOC 2344 1144 deflated
RESETF.PAS 1652 265 deflated
SCREENLO.PAS 3624 587 deflated
SETCOLOR.PAS 4170 447 deflated
SKIPBL.PAS 1625 263 deflated
SKIPS.PAS 6016 676 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

This library contains TURBO Pascal routines which implement
an ascii file display program. These instructions tell you
how to get the files out.

Use your favorite version of LU to extract all of
the files. You do this by saying:


assuming that your library program is called LU.

All of the Pascal source files are squeezed (*.PQS), as is the documentation
file PIBLIST.DQC. The file README.DOC is NOT squeezed.
Unsqueeze all the .PQS files and the .DQC file using your favorite unsqueezer.
Note that the PibList files were squeezed WITHOUT the
date and time stamp. I suggest you use ALUSQ.COM if you
have it, since it is fast, reliable, and will unsqueeze
all the files using a wildcard request:


If you don't have this unsqueezer, and the one you do have
doesn't support wildcards, then you will have to enter a
separate unsqueeze request for each .PQS file.

To compile PibList, enter Turbo and tell it to write a .COM file
using OPTIONS. Set the Main program to be the file PIBLIST.PAS.
Type C to start the compile. PibList REQUIRES TURBO v 3.0 FOR THE

To run PibList, type:


in response to the MS-DOS prompt, where 'fname' is the file to be

To leave PibList, type:


in response to the PibList prompt.

The file PIBLIST.DOC contains detailed instructions on the
use of PibList.

PibList will list an ascii file on the PC's screen.
It combines most of the features found in other "browse" programs:

-- Absolute and relative line numbers, screens, and pages.

-- Very large file capability (any size file can be listed).

-- A string search facility.

-- Pages can be defined by a FF (Ascii 12) character,
or by FORTRAN line-printer carriage control '1' in column 1.

-- Support for color graphics screen if available.

-- Horizontal tab expansion.

-- High-order bit stripping.

Please upload any nifty features you add or (shudder) notices of
bugs you find. You may leave me messages on the following

Gene Plantz's BBS (312) 882 4227
Ron Fox's BBS (312) 940 6496

Phil Burns

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