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A TPW charting demo from Zack Urlocker, Borland.
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A TPW charting demo from Zack Urlocker, Borland.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHARTS.PAS 14965 3541 deflated
DICTS.PAS 3862 1301 deflated
HBAR.CHT 72 58 deflated
PCHART.EXE 48896 18692 deflated
PCHART.PAS 16547 4432 deflated
PCHART.RES 3698 1452 deflated
PCHART.TXT 2720 1140 deflated
PIE.CHT 89 77 deflated
V3DBAR.CHT 85 74 deflated
VBAR.CHT 80 75 deflated

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Contents of the PCHART.TXT file

written in Turbo Pascal for Windows

PChart is a Windows program written in Turbo Pascal for Windows that
illustrates the use of the ObjectWindows application framework.
This program is copyright (c) 1991, M. Zack Urlocker. All rights
reserved. This program and its source code may be freely distributed
for non-commercial use.

The files include:

PCHART.EXE - Executable program file
PCHART.PAS - Turbo Pascal for Windows main program source
PCHART.RES - Windows resource file
CHARTS.PAS - Charts unit Pascal source code
DICTS.PAS - Dicts unit Pascal source code
*.CHT - Various chart files stored to disk
PCHART.TXT - This file

If you have received a ZIP file, you must unzip it first.

Using Chart

This program requires Microsoft Windows 3.0 or later. To start the
program start Windows and then use the File Run command to start
PCHART.EXE. Or run Chart directly from the DOS C:> prompt by typing:


The program features:

- Horizontal, vertical, 3D vertical and Pie charts
- Zoomable, resizable screen
- CUA and Lotus style menu commands
- File Open and save of charts
- Editing with the mouse or keyboard


Version 1.0 05/07/91
-Written in Turbo Pascal for Windows
-Includes mouse and keyboard interface

Turbo Pascal for Windows Users

This program illustrates some of the basic ideas common to many Windows
programs including mouse handling, graphics, resizing, rescaling,
fonts, colors, dialog boxes, collections, streams and file input and
output. Feel free to experiment with the source code to learn how
to implement similar features in your own programs.

You can compile this program with the Windows IDE or the command line
compiler. To compile with the command line compiler type the following
at the DOS C:> prompt:


About Turbo Pascal for Windows

Turbo Pascal for Windows is a complete development system for creating
Windows applications. It includes a Windows Integrated Development
Environment, ObjectWindows application framework, and Turbo Debugger for
Windows. You do not need the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit
(SDK) to use Turbo Pascal for Windows.

For more information about Turbo Pascal for Windows

Borland International
1800 Green Hills Rd
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

or your local distributor.
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