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A Large collection of helpful routines.
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A Large collection of helpful routines.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALLFILES.LIB 6955 1959 deflated
ALLFILES.PAS 2485 960 deflated
CIRCLE.LIB 1259 571 deflated
CIRCLE.PAS 530 289 deflated
CURSOR.LIB 913 452 deflated
CURSOR.PAS 1280 588 deflated
DISKMOD.PAS 12712 3441 deflated
DISKTYP.LIB 1571 690 deflated
DISKTYP.PAS 656 354 deflated
EQUIPMNT.LIB 2642 1140 deflated
EQUIPMNT.PAS 983 475 deflated
ERRMESSG.LIB 1432 630 deflated
EXISTFIL.LIB 1218 618 deflated
EXISTFIL.PAS 812 388 deflated
EXTENDIO.DAT 3154 1262 deflated
EXTENDIO.LIB 8862 2430 deflated
EXTENDIO.PAS 2482 848 deflated
FANCYKEY.PAS 3862 1352 deflated
FILEATTR.LIB 1061 497 deflated
FILEATTR.PAS 2428 813 deflated
FILENAME.TYP 251 192 deflated
GETFILE.LIB 3841 1265 deflated
GETFILE.PAS 6299 1971 deflated
GETFREE.LIB 1417 562 deflated
GETFREE.PAS 1126 570 deflated
GETINTGR.LIB 3183 1088 deflated
GETINTGR.PAS 1137 557 deflated
GETKEYS.LIB 755 402 deflated
GETKEYS.PAS 1071 573 deflated
GETSECTR.LIB 2571 1041 deflated
GETSETDD.LIB 983 510 deflated
GETSETDD.PAS 566 309 deflated
GRFXTABL.LIB 1210 551 deflated
GRFXTABL.PAS 1795 859 deflated
GTSETDIR.LIB 1638 615 deflated
GTSETDIR.PAS 1744 716 deflated
HEXFUNCT.LIB 1475 547 deflated
HEXFUNCT.PAS 1215 475 deflated
KAVAIL.LIB 467 283 deflated
KAVAIL.PAS 331 239 deflated
KEYBOARD.LIB 1581 772 deflated
KEYBOARD.PAS 2139 1014 deflated
KEYCHART.DAT 1742 500 deflated
LABEL.PAS 10969 2960 deflated
LESSRAM.COM 10539 8016 deflated
LESSRAM.PAS 2824 1252 deflated
MKRMDIR.LIB 1581 731 deflated
MKRMDIR.PAS 1366 560 deflated
MONITOR.LIB 700 303 deflated
MOVEFILE.LIB 1531 675 deflated
MOVEFILE.PAS 854 434 deflated
NEWINT9.LIB 3475 1324 deflated
NEWINT9.PAS 1398 680 deflated
NOSOUND.PAS 44 38 deflated
NUMDISKS.COM 11214 8458 deflated
NUMDISKS.PAS 3394 1325 deflated
PARAMETR.COM 10359 7887 deflated
PARAMETR.LIB 803 424 deflated
PARAMETR.PAS 1233 552 deflated
POPSCREN.DAT 2049 156 deflated
POPSCREN.LIB 1771 783 deflated
POPSCREN.PAS 6110 1827 deflated
QUEUE.LIB 1892 697 deflated
QUEUE.PAS 2234 980 deflated
README.### 5280 2325 deflated
READTHIS.NOW 25144 9261 deflated
REBOOT.LIB 742 454 deflated
RECTANGL.LIB 767 335 deflated
RECTANGL.PAS 888 440 deflated
REGPACK.TYP 103 75 deflated
SAFEWRIT.LIB 1014 456 deflated
SAFEWRIT.PAS 1087 519 deflated
SCANCODE.DAT 2735 1021 deflated
SCREEN.LIB 1914 628 deflated
SCREEN.PAS 4025 1331 deflated
SCREENS.TYP 899 452 deflated
SUCCESS.DOC 7820 2297 deflated
TITLES.LIB 1022 511 deflated
TITLES.PAS 1496 557 deflated
WINDOWS.LIB 2737 918 deflated
WINDOWS.PAS 1533 642 deflated

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Contents of the SUCCESS.DOC file

|| ||
|| Neil J. Rubenking ||
|| ||

The Success Press Box 2795 Des Plaines, Illinois 60018

Procedures and Functions For Turbo Pascal

Version 1.07

(C) Copyright 1984 W. E. Todd

- Batch Programming -

Seterrlv Allows a program to set the DOS errorlevel
variable upon termination. The errorlevel can
be tested using the batch IF statement to find
out if the program terminated normally.
Requires DOS 2.00 or later.

- System Services - Set the cursor size. Gets the DOS release number. Requires DOS 2.00
or later. Gets the letter of the default disk drive. Sets the default disk drive. Gets the system date. Sets the system date. Gets the system time. Sets the system time. Turns disk write verification on or off. Turns Insert, Caps-Lock, Num-Lock and
Scroll-Lock on or off. Returns the number of parallel printer ports on
the system. Returns the number of RS232 serial ports on the

- Diskettes - Sets or clears the read only, hidden, system or
archive attributes of a disk file. Reads and writes the diskette directory. Gets the amount of free space on a diskette.
Requires DOS 2.00 or later. Tells if the diskette is single or double sided
and 8 or 9 sectors per track. Change the current directory. Requires DOS
2.00 or later. Create a subdirectory. Requires DOS 2.00 or
later. Remove a subdirectory. Requires DOS 2.00 or

- Input/Output - Initializes an RS-232 communications port.
Similar to the OPEN COM statement in BASIC. Returns the communications port line status and
modem status bits. Gets the parameters following the program name
on the command line, converts them to upper
case and separates them into the elements of a
string array. Gets the current video display mode. Gets the character at the current cursor
position on the screen. Gets the attribute byte of the character at the
current cursor position. Works like the BASIC INKEY$ statement. Waits
for a keyboard key to be struck and returns the
corresponding character in a string. If the
key has a two byte extended code a two byte
string is returned containing both bytes of the
extended code. Clears the keyboard buffer, waits for a key to
be struck and returns the key in a string. By
clearing the keyboard buffer this function
forces the program to wait for a key to be
struck after the function is executed. In graphics mode returns the value of the pixel
at the specified location. Returns the specified number of spaces. This
can be used like the BASIC SPC function to
insert spaces in an output record. Tabs to the specified column when writing to
the screen. Draws a box of any size on the screen. You can
specify the character(s) to be used. This is
handy for outlining windows or other text for
emphasis. Sets the vidio display border color.

- Printer - Invokes the print screen function just as
though you had typed Shift-PrtSc. Resets the printer using the BIOS printer reset
routine. This not only resets the printer, but
if the printer is off line it will be placed on
line. Returns the printer status word. This allows
you to tell if the printer is on line or out of

- Bit Manipulation - Clears any string of consecutive bits in a
word. Sets any string of consecutive bits in a word. Extracts any string of consecutive bits from a
word and returns their value as an integer. Inserts the string of bits representing an
integer at any location in a word.

- Math - Converts an integer to a hex string. For
example, 10 is converted to $000A. Converts a one to four character hex string to
an integer. For example, $FFFF returns -1. Raises an integer to an integer power. Raises a real number to a real power. Provides three routines to do date arithmetic.
One converts Gregorian date to day of century,
another converts day of century to Gregorian
date and the third determines the day of the
week from day of century.

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