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Window routines for Turbo Pascal 5.0. Needs QWIK50.
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Window routines for Turbo Pascal 5.0. Needs QWIK50.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

WNDW Multi-level Virtual Windows Read.Me, Version 5.X


Version 5.X
December 20, 1988

Copyright (C) 1988 Eagle Performance Software
All Rights Reserved

Association of
o Professionals


Welcome to WNDW - high performance windowing software for Turbo Pascal!
It is suggested that you read "Getting Started" in WNDW5X.DOC before
trying the demonstration files.

The documentation files WNDW5X.DOC and WNDWREF.DOC can be printed by
any 80 column printer. For example, type:

PRINT wndw5x.doc

at your DOS prompt. We hope you enjoy trying WNDW. All feedback is

Be sure to see our other products for Turbo Pascal and Turbo C listed
in the appendix of WNDW5X.DOC!

We are currently offering a 15% rebate to newly registered users.
For details on registration, see LICENSE.ARC.

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