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Useful TP 5.0+ statistical routines including random number generator and regression. Includes complete source code.
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Useful TP 5.0+ statistical routines including random number generator and regression. Includes complete source code.
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DYNAMIC.PAS 970 469 deflated
MATH.PAS 9539 1796 deflated
MATHTEST.PAS 2202 615 deflated
MULREG.PAS 2771 894 deflated
RANDGEN.PAS 2752 871 deflated
README.DOC 2091 1006 deflated
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STAT.PAS 44521 8952 deflated
TIMER.PAS 1574 556 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file


Enclosed in this disk(ette) are elementary statistical and
mathematical libraries which were developed to aid in the
further enhancement of scientific Pascal software


The following 8 files are included in Version 1.0.

STAT.PAS STATistical Unit Turbo Pascal Code
MATH.PAS MATHematical Unit Turbo Pascal Code

MULREG.PAS Program to test multiple regression
DYNAMIC.PAS Program to test creation and deletion of
MATHTEST.PAS Program to test MATH unit
RANDGEN.PAS Program to test the Random Normal

STAT.DOC Documentation file for units
README.DOC This file


These STAT and MATH Toolkit libraries are distributed on an
"as is" basis without warranty, expressed or implied.
Considerable testing effort has been expended. The user
assumes full risk as to the results of using these programs.
Any liability of the author will be limited to product
replacement. In no event shall the author be liable for any
consequential damages arising from the use, or inability to
use this product.


The STAT and MATH Turbo Pascal Code are products of Norton
Asociates (R) and is Shareware. These products are not in
the Public Domain. If you find them useful, users of this
product are required to pay a nominal $35 registration fee.

If you are using STAT and/or MATH for commercial use, you may
use it on a limited 30 day trial basis. If you continue to
use it you must pay the nominal registration fee. For the
$35, registered users will obtain the next version of STAT
and MATH Units. There are no royalties with the use of the
product after purchase. Send the $35 check or money order
registration fee to:

Norton Associates
STAT Product
506 Post Oak Dr.
Baytown TX, 77520

Please state the current versions of STAT and/or MATH units
you are presently using.


Norton Associates 1990, All rights reserved

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