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An expert system generator that creates TP code.
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An expert system generator that creates TP code.
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MECHANIC.PAS 7826 1334 deflated
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Contents of the PXG.DOC file

PXG - The Pascal Expert Generator

By Samuel H. Smith, Public Domain Material, Version 1.1, 6-Oct-85

This program allows you to prepare a set of rules for a
decision-tree based expert system.

You teach the expert by repeatedly "Learning" new facts in the
interactive learn mode.

When you have your rules working properly, PXG will generate a
stand-alone expert program in turbo pascal!

This disk contains the following files:

PXG11.COM The pascal expert generator
PXG11.PAS Source code for the pascal expert generator
PXG.DOC Documentation for the pascal expert generator
PXG.INC Include file needed when compiling your experts

LANGEXP.KDB A knowledge base for a language selection expert
LANGEXP.PAS Generated source code for the language expert
LANGEXP.COM The compiled language expert example

MECHANIC.KDB The knowledge base for an auto mechanic expert
MECHANIC.PAS Generated source code for the expert mechanic
MECHANIC.COM The compiled expert mechanic example

To start the Pascal Expert Generator, enter this command:

A> pxg11

Legal commands while running PXG:

New Create a new knowledge base
Use this to erase the current set of rules and prepare
to create your own expert. You will be prompted to
enter the title of the expert. This title will be
included in the expert program that you generate.

Read Read a knowledge base from a disk file
Use this to load in a saved knowledge base. You
can load either of the demonstration knowledge
bases (LANGEXP or MECHANIC) with this option.

Write Write the current knowledge base to a file
Use this to save your knowledge bases. You can
also edit a saved knowledge base with a text
editor to improve the rules.

Display Display the rules in the current knowledge base
Use this to get a listing of all of the current

Program Generate an expert program from this knowledge base
PXG will write a complete, ready to compile program
in turbo pascal to implement your expert!

Learn Test this knowledge base and learn new rules
Operate the expert and learn new rules. This is
the way you refine and build up your expert.

Quit Exit to the system

? Print a list of commands.

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