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Qwik screen and windows TPU for TP 5.5.
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Qwik screen and windows TPU for TP 5.5.
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LICENSE.ARC 5999 5740 deflated
QBENCH.PAS 8670 2576 deflated
QINITEST.PAS 8448 2452 deflated
QWIK55.DOC 81920 24482 deflated
QWIK55.PAS 9593 2807 deflated
QWIK55.TPU 8256 4153 deflated
QWIKDEMO.PAS 24410 6790 deflated
QWIKREF.DOC 76928 13231 deflated
READ.ME 1520 632 deflated
STRS.PAS 1901 550 deflated
TIMERD12.INC 3127 1293 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

QWIK Screen Utilities Read.Me, Version 5.5


Version 5.5
August 24, 1989

Copyright (C) 1988-1989 Eagle Performance Software
All Rights Reserved

Association of
o Professionals


Welcome to QWIK - high performance software for Turbo Pascal! It is
suggested that you read "Getting Started" in QWIK55.DOC before trying
the demonstration files.

The documentation files QWIK55.DOC and QWIKREF.DOC can be printed by
any 80 column printer. For example, type:

PRINT qwik55.doc

at your DOS prompt. We hope you enjoy trying QWIK. All feedback is

Be sure to read about our other products for Turbo Pascal and Turbo C
in the appendix of QWIK55.DOC!

We are currently offering a 15% rebate to newly registered users.
For details on registration, see LICENSE.ARC.

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