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ASM and TPU for string comparison with "Fuzzy" match -- (returns % match.
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ASM and TPU for string comparison with “Fuzzy” match — (returns % match.
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Contents of the FUZZ.DOC file

Documentation for FUZZ.TPU.

FUZZ is a unit that can be incorporated into any Turbo Pascal 4.0 or 5.0
program. This is done by including the Fuzz unit with the other USES units:

USES Dos, Crt, Fuzz;

This unit provides only one function, called Similar, which is declared as
the function

Function Similar(S1,S2 : String):Integer;

Similar uses the Ratcliff/Obershelp gestalt pattern matching algorithm to
compare two strings and return their percentage similarity.

Instead of requiring an EXACT match by using the line:

IF (String1 = String2) THEN

you can use the line:

IF (Similar(String1,String2) > 65) THEN

This means, if the two strings are 65% similar (or more), the Do-whatever
procedure will be executed.

FUZZ incorporates the assembly language comparison function contained in the
file SIMIL.ASM which is included in this archive.

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