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Draws a tree diagram of HD structure, with source.
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Draws a tree diagram of HD structure, with source.
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FUNCTION: Like the DOS TREE command, and similar to PC Magazine's VTREE,
but gives you a graphic representation of your disk hierarchical
tree structure AND the number of files and total bytes in each
tree node (optionally can be omitted). Also allows starting at
a particular subdirectory rather than displaying the entire
drive's tree structure. Redirection of output and input is an
option. Version 1.0, 4-4-88.

USAGE: VTREE2 {drive:}{path} {/t} {/r}

/t or /T omits the number of files and total bytes information.
/r or /R activates redirection of input and output.

NOTES: 1. To print out the tree structure, enter:


2. You must have ANSI.SYS as a device in your CONFIG.SYS file.

3. If the tree structure is more than 5 levels of subdirectory
deep, you will get an error message at the 6th or subsequent
levels, but processing will continue for prior levels.

4. Because of the redirection capability, VTREE2 is
substantially slower with the redirection option (e.g., 7.75
secs. for a big tree vs. 3.73 secs. if the redirection
option is not used), but it is only slightly slower than
VTREE when displaying file and byte information, and
slightly faster than VTREE when displaying only the same
information that VTREE shows.

CREDIT: The recursion routine used is based on an idea by James C.
Walker [72355,1616].

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