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Part 2 of 2 for TEGL introductory package.
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Part 2 of 2 for TEGL introductory package.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

TEGL WINDOWS TOOLKIT II Release 2.0 Intro Pack

All rights reserved.

This introductory package is for letting interested programmers try
out the TEGL WINDOWS TOOLKIT II before buying. You may use to create
programs on a trial basis. You may not sell or give away any programs
that use any portion of this toolkit.

This distribution contains virtually all the features of our commercial
version. It lacks: source code and documentation (we have provided
sample programs and a quick guide). Programs created from this intro
pack will display a copyright notice when they finish, a button with the
copyright is always installed in the application and if a program is run
for more than 20 minutes a copyright notice will appear.

This package may be distributed freely provided all files are included
and the distribution is not changed in any way.

Buy the TEGL WINDOWS TOOLKIT II and you will receive:

* latest version, with COMPLETE SOURCE CODE
* Reference manual
* Technical support
* Royalty free distribution rights on compiled applications

The TEGL WINDOWS TOOLKIT II Release 2.0 contains the following:

* graphics interface (TGI), a replacement for the BGI
thats 2-6x faster.
* virtual memory manager (use EMS and hard disk)
* window manager
* event programming
* icon editor
* font editor
* world coordinates
* dialogue management
* supports CGA, Hercules, EGA, VGA and SuperVGA
* supports 256 colors (up to 1024x768)
* 40+ fonts

This distribution contains no executable files. It is assumed that you
have the target compiler and can compile the example programs yourself.

Files in this distribution:
readme.txt This file
intropak.exe Self extracting archive (contains example programs
and interfaces from the units). Self extracting archive (contains example programs
and tutorial instuctions).
ONE (or all of)
tp50tpu.exe Self extracting archive for Turbo Pascal 5.0
tp55tpu.exe Self extracting archive for Turbo Pascal 5.5
tp60tpu.exe Self extracting archive for Turbo Pascal 6.0


To install the intro pack just copy intropak.exe,
and the appropriate tpu archive to a subdirectory on your
harddrive then run each program. Running these programs extracts
them to the disk. After it has run you will have over a
100 files taking up more than a megabyte of disk space. You
don't have to extract them all into the same directory, its up
to you.

The tutorial files contain embedded example files that can
be extracted using the extract.exe untiliy. There is also a
batch file called 'exall.bat' that will extract all the
example files from the tuturial.

The files are:

*.pas Example programs
*.doc Interfaces from the units.
*.tpu TPU's (for turbo pascal version)
examples.txt A list of the example programs with a note on
what aspect they illustrate.
extract.exe Program to extract example files
order.txt An order form.
quick.txt A quick overview of the system.
menus.txt The menuing system
buttons.txt How to use Square buttons
picklist.txt How to use picklists
frames.txt Introduction to frames
twquick.txt Quick introduction to the high level windows.


Suite 780, 789 West Pender Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6C 1H2
Phone (604) 669-2577
Facsimile (604) 688-9530

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