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This Turbo Pascal code will generate calenders for any year.
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This Turbo Pascal code will generate calenders for any year.
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Contents of the CALYR.DOC file


CALYR is a simple program to display a full year calendar (using
2 pages) on the screen.

It accepts years from 1901 to 2099, if a 2 digit year is entered
it assumes 19xx.

You may enter the year as a command line parameter, i.e.
CALYR 85 or CALYR 1985 or CALYR 2001. If there is no year entered on the
command line the program will prompt for it.

The first 6 months are displayed on the first page, tapping any
key will display the last 6 months, then tapping a 1 will return to the
first half or any other key will exit to DOS.

CALYR was written using Turbo Pascal 3.0 on an IBM-PC running
PC-DOS 2.1. There is nothing unique about it so it should run under any
version of DOS. It uses the windowing functions of Turbo and should be
compilable with Turbo Pascal 2.0 also.

CALYR is hereby released to the public domain.


William Chestnut
5800 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90078
Revision by Roy Collins

CALYR has been enhanced to also allow printing of the calendar on
a printer. If the letter 'P' is found on the command line, the
requested calendar will be sent to the printer; an 'S' will send it
to the screen. If neither 'S' nor 'P' are in the command line, you
will be asked where to display the calendar.

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