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TurboBBS Turbo Pascal with the Source Code.
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TurboBBS Turbo Pascal with the Source Code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APPLYING.TXT 896 542 deflated
BBS.COM 57001 32095 deflated
BBS.PAS 10543 2882 deflated
BBS2.INC 13411 3788 deflated
BBS8502.DOC 7455 3050 deflated
BBSHELP.TXT 2816 1311 deflated
BBSLIST.TXT 512 296 deflated
BULLETIN.TXT 1792 1003 deflated
CONFIG.PAS 4812 1404 deflated
EDITMENU.TXT 384 177 deflated
FILEHLP.TXT 2048 1075 deflated
FILEMENU.TXT 632 350 deflated
FILESYS.INC 25377 5993 deflated
IO.INC 23018 5989 deflated
MACHDEP.INC 8338 2922 deflated
MAILSYS.INC 17469 4076 deflated
MAINMENU.TXT 386 248 deflated
MASTER.BBS 231 162 deflated
MEETING.TXT 221 150 deflated
READMENU.TXT 256 105 deflated
SYSINFO.TXT 1024 571 deflated
SYSOP.TXT 124 101 deflated
USERIDS.PAS 3418 998 deflated
WELCOME.TXT 330 231 deflated

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Contents of the APPLYING.TXT file

Access levels are:

1) Newusers who have not applied for higher access. 15 minute time limit.

2) Registered users who have applied and been accepted. 30 Minute time limit.

3 Contributin user wh hav provide man P upload t th syste s
tha al ca share 6 minut tim limit.

4 Contributin user wh hav mad donation t kee thi thin running
Unlimite tim limit($10 suggested).

Al donation ar greatl appreciated a i i ver expensiv t kee
BB running.

Don Mack
P.O. Box 211
Palos Heights, Il 60463

Applying for Access level 2:

T b abl t ente informatio o thi board yo mus leav you REA
name addres an telephon numbe i commen i th followin area
Thi informatio i strictl confidential Onc thi ha bee done acces
i generall raise t leve withi 2 hours.

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