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This is a Turbo Pascal unit for creating and displaying 3d line drawings in your programs.
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This is a Turbo Pascal unit for creating and displaying 3d line drawings in your programs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
3.3D2 492 118 deflated
3DEMO.M3D 130 77 deflated
ATT.BGI 6269 4333 deflated
BOX.3D2 300 79 deflated
BOX3MV.M3D 62 52 deflated
CGA.BGI 6253 4305 deflated
D.3D2 372 99 deflated
DISK2.EXE 109585 104300 deflated
EGAVGA.BGI 5363 3878 deflated
GO.BAT 152 123 deflated
HERC.BGI 6125 4292 deflated
IBM8514.BGI 6665 3434 deflated
INTEGV.M3D 164 113 deflated
NEWDEMO.M3D 204 101 deflated
PC3270.BGI 6029 4205 deflated
PROP.3D2 300 87 deflated
PYR.3D2 198 68 deflated
PYR3MV.M3D 69 60 deflated
PYRMOV.M3D 50 38 deflated
PYRTYP.M3D 82 56 deflated
README.DOC 5026 2049 deflated
SUPERBOX.M3D 147 78 deflated
SUPROP.3D2 468 123 deflated
THREE_D.EXE 71356 34655 deflated
THREE_D.HLP 11124 3818 deflated
TRAP.3D2 468 229 deflated
TSLHELP.EXE 5003 4907 deflated
UNIT3D52.TPU 7584 3135 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

Readme.doc Document file - Ron Levy 1989.

This is the last minute update file for the 3d Unit diskette, it includes
the data on combining the 3d unit routines with Turbo Pascal 5.0
compiler, and the current updates to the 3D diskette.

This library collection is intended for the user of Turbo - Pascal which is
interested in graphic programing that can take advantage of 3D manipulating
routines. These routines can be added to any program that needs 3D object
animation, such as arcade games, presentations etc.

The current release of the 3D Unit Library includes a Floating point version
that performs rotations and scaling in a greater accuracy.

The 3D diskette contains a collection of procedures, & functions that use
the BGI support to add 3D objects handling routines,
do notice - this release includes all of the support programs using the
standard unit 3D format & BGI support.

The diskette includes all the source code of the routines and programs
provided with the diskette, and document files that include all the
technical information to help programmers learn and use these routines.

To access the Source code and Document code use the "UNPACK.EXE" program
provided with your "Turbo - Pascal" package to unpack the files
All the Source & Document files were packed in these archive files.

The 3D environment program that Was supplied on the diskette includes an
integrated 3D development tools among which is a miniature 3D objects
design module, an on-line test module and an animation simulator module that
supports a tiny 3D graphic language interpreter (that can be "compiled" to
give a Turbo Pascal source code with the Convert program.).

NOTICE - this program is now packed in the archive file "OLD3D.ARC" and can
unpacked with the "UNPACK.EXE" program in your "Turbo - Pascal" package,
do notice however that this program was written on the "Turbo - Pascal"
ver 3.01 and thus does not support BGI, and can be used only on "HERCULES"
graphic adapter.

The NEW environment program supplied with the 3D diskette is called
"THREE_D.EXE" and it includes full BGI support (the program will run on
most popular graphic adapters such as the CGA,EGA,VGA,Hercules etc..),
and adds such features as File wildcard support, Compile command in the
Macro module, On-line help, faster execution time using the built in graphic
interpreter and option to re-size windows.
(this program includes all the other features that were included in the 3D
program - 3d objects design module, on-line test module, graphic text editor
for creation of macro programs and the same animation graphic language

The Second release of this program now includes support for HOT-KEYS, in the
same manner the "Turbo - Pascal" package does!
If you are an experienced "Turbo - Pascal" programer you will the find
yourself at home - (Alt - C Compile, Alt - R Run, Alt - E Edit,
F3 Load, F2 Save, F1 Help etc..)

The Third release of this program (version 1.2x) now includes a complete
mathematical expression parser and internal macro language variables,
refer to the THREE_D.DOC file for more information about this new feature.

The New ver. 1.21 supports color screens for the first time (I layed my
hands on such a monitor for the time) that can be disabled through
the programs menus.

From the Dos Prompt type "THREE_D" to activate the 3D environment program,
Use the F1 key to get on-line help on the program's features.

Four routine libraries for 3D graphic object handling are provided on the
diskette, for use with Turbo Pascal 4.0 the "Unit3d.tpu" and "Unit3d2.tpu"
unit files, and for use with Turbo Pascal 5.0 the "Unit3d5.tpu" and
"Unit3d52.tpu" unit files, another unit file that supports the windows
environment is included in the "UNITS.ARC" file, and can be unpacked using
the "UNPACK.EXE" program.

NOTICE - The 3D unit "Unit3d2" is packed also in the "UNITS.EXE" archive file,
the main unit - "UNIT3D.3D52" is in the root directory!.

From the Dos Prompt type "TYPE UNIT.DOC" to read all the technical information
on the units. (please notice that all the demonstration given are assuming
a Turbo Pascal 4.0 program, and to use them properly with Turbo Pascal 5.0
replace the "Uses unit3d" command with "Uses unit3d5" command.
NOTICE - first unpack the "DOCUMENT.ARC" file to achieve this feature!.)

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