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Source code in Pascal and assembly for TSRCOM33.ZIP, Mark, Release, and other utilities for dealing with TSRs. Great study material for learning about TSRs.
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Source code in Pascal and assembly for TSRCOM33.ZIP, Mark, Release, and other utilities for dealing with TSRs. Great study material for learning about TSRs.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEVICE.PAS 10975 3420 deflated
DISABLE.PAS 18797 4965 deflated
EATMEM.ASM 3217 1129 deflated
EMS.PAS 4791 1337 deflated
FMARK.ASM 15584 4118 deflated
IPX.PAS 3882 1061 deflated
MAPMEM.PAS 29374 6978 deflated
MARK.ASM 11026 3197 deflated
MARKNET.PAS 19243 5068 deflated
MEMU.PAS 26147 6661 deflated
RAMFREE.ASM 2987 1050 deflated
READ.ME 2519 1229 deflated
RELEASE.PAS 22106 6000 deflated
RELNET.PAS 43669 10279 deflated
TSR.MAK 951 449 deflated
WATCH.ASM 24447 5344 deflated
XMS.PAS 9420 2208 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

This archive contains the complete source code for the TSR Utilities.
To compile it, you'll need to have Turbo Pascal 6.0, TASM, and TLINK.
TSR.MAK is a Borland-compatible make file that specifies the
dependencies of the files. You'll probably need to edit it to specify
the location of your compiler, assembler, and linker.

Copyright and License Information
The TSR Utilities are Copyright (c) 1986,1991 by Kim Kokkonen. All
Rights Reserved.

Although these programs are copyrighted, you may distribute them
freely as long as you do not sell them or include them with other
software that you sell. The TSR Utilities may be distributed by user's
groups and shareware distributors for a fee not to exceed $10.
Otherwise, if you wish to sell the TSR Utilities, alone or as part of
another software package, please contact us for a license agreement.

These programs are not shareware: we're not asking for a donation.
However, if you request that we send you a new version, we'll ask for
$20 to cover our time and costs. The disk you receive will include the
latest version of the TSR Utilities, including the complete source

We upload new versions of the TSR Utilities to LIB 6 of the PCVENB
forum on CompuServe. The executable programs are stored in a file
called TSRCOM.ZIP, and the source code is stored in a file called
TSRSRC.ZIP. From CompuServe, the programs fan out to public bulletin
boards around the world.

TurboPower Software also maintains a small bulletin board system just
for the purpose of downloading our software. The BBS number is
719-260-9726. You'll find self-extracting archives TSRCOM.EXE and
TSRSRC.EXE in file area 2 (TurboPower Software Files). Our BBS is a
Wildcat! system; just follow the prompts to log in the first time. Due
to the transient nature of bulletin boards, we cannot recommend other
BBS's you should call to download the latest version.

The TSR Utilities were written by Kim Kokkonen of TurboPower Software,
with thanks to Neil Rubenking for the original idea behind MARK and
RELEASE. Special thanks also to Richard Wilson and Barry Simon at
Cal Tech for the idea that lead to FMARK, and for much useful
correspondence about the TSR Utilities.

You can reach Kim Kokkonen at:

TurboPower Software
P.O. Box 49009
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-9009

719-260-6641 (voice only, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM)
Compuserve: 76004,2611

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