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Visual Pascal: Examines Pascal programs as they execute. Great way to learn Pascal programming.
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Visual Pascal: Examines Pascal programs as they execute. Great way to learn Pascal programming.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTOEXEC.BAT 128 8 deflated
BOX 896 412 deflated
BOX.COM 3960 2741 deflated
COLOR 512 233 deflated
EDIT.BAT 128 59 deflated
ERR.TXT 8192 1922 deflated
FILEDEMO 896 408 deflated
FILES510.TXT 1188 522 deflated
FIRST1 640 313 deflated
G.BAT 384 205 deflated
GO.BAT 363 219 deflated
INKEY 640 329 deflated
KEYDFINE 384 263 deflated
LISTER 768 345 deflated
MANUAL.1 27008 8706 deflated
MANUAL.2 51875 16737 deflated
MATH 640 243 deflated
MODESW 256 129 deflated
NOTES510.TXT 592 394 deflated
PATTERN 1152 501 deflated
PRETTY2 7424 2178 deflated
PRINTMAN.BAT 128 34 deflated
RUN.BAT 384 168 deflated
SECOND1 512 260 deflated
SOUNDS 384 147 deflated
SOUNDS.COM 3540 2512 deflated
SOUNDS2 640 230 deflated
STRINGS 512 274 deflated
TESTCASE 512 231 deflated
TURTLE 2176 765 deflated
TURTLE.COM 5360 3433 deflated
VISBUG.EXE 19584 6989 deflated
VISED.EXE 20736 10579 deflated
VISPAS.EXE 25600 13881 deflated
WEATHER 640 309 deflated
WORDS 512 303 deflated
WORDS.COM 4004 2763 deflated

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Contents of the ERR.TXT file

error message #0 -- this should never be displayed! 11/7/84
the file was not opened before this operation.
the file is not open for output (WRITE operations). Do REWRITE first.
the file is not open for input (READ operations). Do RESET first.
the disk is full; use a disk with more space on it.
the directory is full with too many files; erase some of them.
you can't ASSIGN a file that is already open. CLOSE it first.
the file name has no characters in it.
attempted read beyond the end of file. Test for EOF to prevent this error.
reading an integer that is out of range: integers must be -32767 to 32767.
error message #10 -- not used!
#11 -- div by 0
#12 -- string length error
#13 -- index out of range
#14 -- case index out of range
#15 -- stack overflow
#16 -- sub-range error
Reached the end of the file, program is incomplete. Check program syntax.
Too many identifers declared. Remove some declarations or definitions.
',' expected.
Set elements must be between 0 and 255 in value.
This character is incorrect here.
The program is too large; you must make it smaller!
All set constants must be the same type.
This item is incorrect at this point; check your syntax.
Multiple definition in the program, or a pre-declared identifier or routine.
This word appears to be an undeclared identifier.
A constant is expected here.
A variable, constant, or function is expected here.
Too many variables were declared, or arrays are too large.
Identifer expected.
'=' expected.
';' expected.
':' expected.
This procedure/function was declared with a parameter list. '(' expected.
'(' expected.
')' expected.
'INTEGER', 'CHAR', 'BOOLEAN', 'STRING', or 'TEXT' type identifier expected.
'..' expected, as in :ARRAY[1..10] OF.. etc
Boolean or integer expression required.
This word is incorrect at this point; check your syntax.
An integer is required here.
The types of the two terms used here do not match.
A boolean expression must be used here: it must be True or False.
The type of this expression does not match the control variable's type.
':=' required.
Variable type does not match the type of the right hand part of statement.
Integer, character, boolean, or string variable is expected here.
'END' expected.
An integer or character expression is expected.
'THEN' expected.
A CASE label can have a maximum value of 255.
This CASE label value is a duplicate of a previous one.
An integer or character variable is expected.
'OF' expected.
This CASE label is not the same type as the CASE variable or expression.
'UNTIL' expected.
'DO' expected.
Parameter expected, beginning with VAR or an identifier.
A variable or procedure identifier is expected.
A statement or perhaps 'END' or ';' is expected.
The control variable in a FOR statement must be a simple variable.
'BEGIN' or a declaration section (CONST, TYPE, VAR) is expected.
A procedure or function name is expected.
'BEGIN' expected.
'TO' or 'DOWNTO' expected.
Incorrect symbol here; a statement is expected.
'.' or another statement or procedure is expected here.
sorry, GOTO's are not allowed, since they can lead to bad habits!
'DO' expected.
'[' expected.
A positive integer is required for the index, between 1 and 4000.
']' expected.
only an array or a string can have an index.
INTEGER, CHAR, or BOOLEAN expected for a type.
Functions cannot return arrays.
The number of parameters disagrees with the declaration made earlier.
The type of the parameter does not match the declaration made earlier.
A simple variable (without index) or a constant is needed here.
'PROGRAM' expected.
Matching closing quotes required, single or double ('...' or "...").
READ and WRITE must have at least one parameter to be meaningful.
Hexadecimal number such as $FF00 expected after a '$'.
INTEGER, BOOLEAN, or CHAR funtion type expected.
The array size does not agree with its declaration.
An expression or a quoted string is expected.
This declaration does not match the previous declaration.
The compiler option is: T+ or T-. T- removes the debugger code.

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