Dec 052017
Good pascal code and executable with asm for graphical "flames".
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Good pascal code and executable with asm for graphical “flames”.
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Contents of the FLAMES.TXT file

FLAMES by M.D.Mackey

This source recreates the 'flame' effect seen at the end of the Inconexia
demo by Iguana, but at a higher resolution. It is released into the public
domain and may be freely modified and distributed. Acknowledgement would
be nice if this code were actually used in anything, however :). Thanks
to Daniel Sjoberg for info on how to set the palette (int 10h function 10h
don't work. Probably can't get the wood, you know).
The code is Turbo Pascal 6.0 and inline assembler, but should be readily
portable to pretty much anything. It's probably not really optimised:
if anyone wants to hack around with it, speed it up, maybe even get it
working in 320*300 at a decent rate, then by all means do so and let me have
a copy. OK, I admit, it's very kludgy at the moment, but it's 'midnight code'
(i.e written on the downslide from a caffeine high at 1 am), so what do you
expect? No FLAMES, please :).
Mark Mackey | "I was one of the sheep!" "Flossie?" "Yes!" "But
[email protected]| didn't we..." "Yes, Lord Melchard! Baaaaa!"

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