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Simple HD parking utility, includes full TP 4.0+ source code.
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Simple HD parking utility, includes full TP 4.0+ source code.
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Contents of the PARK.TXT file

(c) 1989 Soft Copy

This is the second update to Park-it. I rewrote the parking routines
in Assembler and converted them to inline code for added speed. I used
Turbo Pascal v5.5 (TM) for the user interface and Turbo Assembler (TM) for
the Parking routines. There was also a bug that would not sound the click
every time, that has been fixed, at least on the machines I tested it on.
Park-it v2.0 simply, when run, reads the drive controller, and
determines how many drives are connected. It then moves the heads on each
of those drives to the farthest cylinder. It is simply invoked, by typing:


Simple eh?

I am not demanding a user fee at this time for any programs that are
released, what I am asking for, is a letter letting me know your thoughts
on how the program performed and how you liked it, etc. If you wish to
send a small donation that is fine too, by the letter is appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your time.

Send letters to:

Soft Copy
C/O Steven Marcotte
9733 Russell
Overland Park, Ks 66212

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