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Turbo Pascal OOP programs to handle strings.
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Turbo Pascal OOP programs to handle strings.
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Contents of the OBJECTA.DOC file



Rob Rosenberger CIS: 74017,1344
Barn Owl Software VOX: (618) 632-7345
P.O. Box #74 BBS: (618) 398-5703
O'Fallon, IL 62269 HST: (618) 398-2305

This Turbo Pascal 5.5 unit builds on the OBJECTS.PAS file on
disk three of the TP package. The Objects unit provides some
excellent linked-list capabilities, but it doesn't allow arbi-
trary placement of a node on the list. The OBJECTA unit offers a
decendent, LinkList, which provides two methods: LinkList.Before,
to place a node just before some other node in the list, and
LinkList.After, to place a node just after some other node in the

LinkList.Init and LinkList.Done are included because the TP
5.5 OOP guide recommends these common procedures. The List
ancestor calls them Clear and Delete, respectively, which I found
extremely odd since Borland is the one calling for a standard set
of method identifiers....

Version 1.00: released to the public domain on 8 July 1989.

Version 1.01: released to the public domain on 17 August 1989.
Lavern Ogden discovered an endless loop in the Total()
function. This was due to my using LinkList.Next instead of
LinkList.Next(). I fault Borland for this error -- there are two
"Next" possibilities. Shame shame!
Added a new function, Specific(), which returns a NodePtr to
the nth node in the list. This will be very handy for people who
use TurboPower Software's TPPICK unit from their TPRO5 toolkit.

= OBJECT(List)

PROCEDURE Before(TheNode : NodePtr;
BeforeNode : NodePtr);
PROCEDURE After (TheNode : NodePtr;
AfterNode : NodePtr);

FUNCTION Specific(NodePos : LONGINT) : NodePtr;
FUNCTION Total(TheNode : NodePtr) : LONGINT;

PROCEDURE LinkList.Init;

This procedure initializes the LinkList.

PROCEDURE LinkList.Done;

This procedure deletes all nodes from the list.

PROCEDURE LinkList.Before(TheNode : NodePtr;
BeforeNode : NodePtr);

Places TheNode in the LinkList just before BeforeNode.

PROCEDURE LinkList.After(TheNode : NodePtr;
AfterNode : NodePtr);

Places TheNode in the LinkList just after AfterNode.

FUNCTION LinkList.Specific(NodePos : LONGINT) : NodePtr;

Returns the NodePtr to the nth node in the list, represented
by NodePos. The returned value will be NIL if NodePos <= 0, or
if it is > Total.

FUNCTION LinkList.Total(TheNode : NodePtr) : LONGINT;

This function returns a number corresponding to the number
of nodes on the LinkList. It starts counting from TheNode^.
Therefore, to get a total count of all nodes on the LinkList, use
LinkListVar.Total(LinkListVar.First). (Remember, we inherit the
"First" function due to OOP.)

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