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NETWORK Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
10BASET.ZIP21668Jul 24 1991Collection of several full-text articles from computer press on 10BaseT Ethernet. Several really good things in here.
190.ZIP7178Apr 9 1991Banyan Technical Note #190.
197.ZIP1862Apr 24 1991Banyan Technical Note #197.
198.ZIP1704Apr 24 1991Banyan Technical Note #198.
2015NOVL.ZIP31626Aug 30 1989Novell 286 LAN Shell drivers for the Everex SpeedLink/PC Ethernet Adapter V2.2EC.
311PT1.ZIP32799Jan 28 1992Latest release of Netware v3.11 operating system patches.
311PT8.ZIP101669Sep 25 1992Official Patches for Netware 3.11 from Novell Forum on CompuServe.
311PTD.ZIP115890Feb 22 1993Novell version 3.11 dynamic patches.
386DCB.ZIP12475Mar 2 1990New DCB drivers for Netware 386 3.0. These should be used with caution.
386PRB.ZIP10469Mar 5 1990Various problems and solutions for Netware 386 3.0.
3C501.ZIP44182Mar 23 1994Driver files for 3Com 3C501 card. Includes diagnostics, NDIS and Netware ODI drivers.
3C5X9N.ZIP713094Dec 3 1994Latest 3Com Drivers for the network. Also includes the latest OS2 drivers.
3DIR.ZIP24183Nov 12 1989Utility to display servers and share-names on a 3+ or 3+Open network and link to them.
60-MEM.ZIP2700Apr 12 1994Memory Management tips from Artisoft for Lantastic v6.0.
A-MENU.ZIP48467Dec 15 1986Simple menuing system designed to work with Novell Netware.
ACCTCVT.ZIP20515Apr 30 1988A very nice utility for Novell supervisors. Dumps out accounting data to dBase file, includes several dBase programs that track information.
ACDATA.ZIP24040Aug 15 1989Dump out a Netware 2.12 server's account data to a text file. This is a very handy utility for network supervisors.
ALLUSE.ZIP6232Jun 10 1989Reads NetWare bindery and displays all Object ID's and their associated Identification and last login date and time.
ALOGIN.ZIP22818Feb 25 1993OBJ functions that allow you to perform a keyed login to a NetWare 3.x file server as well as change or verify a bindery object's password.
ALOGIN12.ZIP17651Feb 16 1990An automated login program for the LANtastic Network Operating System.
ALPHA300.ZIP95793Aug 10 1993Alpha Menu, nice multi-user menu program written for LANtasti users. Simple, easy to use with password protection and up to 256 menu entries.
AN101A.ZIP49120Feb 15 1991Novell application note on integrating Windows 3.0 and NetWare.
ANTOOL.ZIP312320Jan 26 1993Advanced Netware Tools V3.00 . ANT is used to make documentation and maintaining the network more easy and efficient for System Administrators. View or creates detailed bindery reports.
APRITE.ZIP43856Jun 27 1992Grant rights to applications on Netware.
ARCD25.ZIP34493Feb 12 1992Netware Arcnet Diagnostic Tool - version 2.5.
ART5TOC.ZIP4405Mar 12 1993Artisoft Lantastic 5.0 Table of Contents. It was left out of the manual, and Artisoft posted this file on CIS.
AUTOMN.ZIP328224Mar 1 1992Automan V1.02 - Automan is designed to remove the everyday headaches from network operation. Automatic file processing, at any time, on any day.
AUTOPI.ZIP155614Feb 6 1992Autopilot Menu System for Novell Networks.
AVAIL.ZIP8818Aug 6 1987This program lists those drive letters which are "available" for mapping. It will only list those drives that currently do NOT have a mapping.
BALNCE.ZIP22046Aug 14 1989BALANCE is a program to display account balances and credit limits on a Novell Netware network.
BAST111.ZIP146306Nov 4 1990B ASSIST is a Btrieve utility that provides all the functionality of BUTIL along with an interactive command executor.
BATCHQ10.ZIP62545Dec 31 1991Submit remote batch jobs on Novell.
BB100.ZIP107554Sep 24 1991Bulletin Board System for Novell Networks. Freeware Bulletin Board Program used to communicate easily with users and to advise them of system changes and FYI's.
BCLEAN.ZIP25368Jan 18 1991Utility that will attempt to repair Btrieve data files.
BEHOLD.ZIP135897May 31 1991The Beholder is a software-only product that implements an ethernet network monitor on standard PC hardware.
BESNT162.ZIP9713Feb 5 1993Selects best network shell for Novell, between XMS, EMS, or regular memory shell.
BESTNET.ZIP9772Dec 12 1990Utility for Novell Networks to choose the best shell driver. Checks DOS version (3.X or 4.X), check Extended and Expanded memory and chooses best shell to load (Net3, Net4, EMSNet3, EMSNet4, XMSNet3, XMSNet4).
BFIX06.ZIP23632Nov 16 1989Novell Netware + DOS Btrieve Crash Recovery Toolkit. Will allow you to reconstruct and rebuild a Btrieve DB that has been damaged.
BINDDMP.ZIP72045May 18 1992Dumps Netware bindery either entirely or by object name.
BINDER.ZIP35421Jan 12 1993Binder is a Visual Basic application (includes source) and DLL's that demonstrate how to view/extract information from Novell's Bindery. Direct from Novell.
BINDINFO.ZIP7720Nov 1 1990Displays contents of a Netware file server's bindery.
BINDSCAN.ZIP166315Dec 13 1991Documentation Tool for Novell Network Administrators.
BLTS.ZIP214322Feb 11 1993Lantastic technical Bulletins.
BPQ351.ZIP70625Oct 7 1989Allows a PC equiped with suitable Communications hardware, to act as a Node in a NET/ROM compatible AX25 network, and/or to support a multiuser Mailbox, or other similar applications.
BSDUP1.ZIP40302Sep 13 1993Novell patch to avoid Black Screen of Death problem using DOS program under Windows on a netware network. Patch dated Sept. 9, 93.
BTRHLP18.ZIP184393Mar 1 1991Btr Help! is a file maintenance utility for software developers who use Novell's Btrieve in the development of applications. Some of the features of Btr Help! are: File Rebuilder, Integrity Checker, Edit Files, and more.
BTSUPP.ZIP40659Aug 13 1989Utility to view, edit and modify files that use Novell's Btrieve ISAM engine. Very handy for developers.
BULET.ZIP95015Mar 28 1991Artisoft Tech Bulletins for LANtastistic, downloaded from CIS, date 4/91.
BURG_NOV.ZIP2328Aug 27 1990Creates Novell supervisor, with C source for NLM.
BYUNOVEL.ZIP26287Apr 29 1989Novell Netware lan drivers to create a work station shell which will run on top of a Clarkson University packet driver.
CASTAWAY.ZIP24716Sep 10 1991Intercept messages sent from novell's send command to alert you with a pop up box with ringing to let you know that there is a message. (TSR) Will not stop processing of your current job.
CD-SHARE.ZIP51597Jan 3 1992A utility that will allow you to share a CD-ROM across a network.
CDLANART.ZIP25642Jul 24 1991Various articles from computer press on putting CD-ROMs on a LAN. A few of these articles are VERY informative. From PC Magazine, PC Week, PC User, Datamation, and a few others. Generally 1990 imprints.
CDN.ZIP19871Sep 25 1993Excellent change directory program for Novell lans.
CDUTIL.ZIP6122Jan 21 1992Change Directory Utility for Novell.
CHAT.ZIP11268Mar 22 1989Chat between Novell network stations. Includes C source code.
CHAT05.ZIP100558Sep 12 1992Chat program for Novell Netware.
CHATNET.ZIP6834Dec 1 1988Network chat program - two nodes. Works with any Netbios network.
CHATR1.ZIP33186Jan 17 1992Program that is a simple vehicle for conferencing between multiple workstations which are connected to a Novell Network. C source included.
CHATR2.ZIP34348Sep 21 1992Chatter - Chat program for Novell Networks (new version).
CHGOWN.ZIP17974Feb 24 1991Utility to Change File Ownership Down the Dir Tree. Now works with Netware 386.
CHT.ZIP33599Jun 23 1992Chat Program for Networks - with pop-up point-n-shoot menus (mouseable) and supports multiple servers. Includes a TSR version.
CNE.ZIP82958Jan 2 1992CNE sample test for Certified Netware Engineer Candidates.
CNEAT20.ZIP85188Dec 9 1991Novell's CNE Assessment Test V2.0 - See if you have what it takes to become a Certified Netware Engineer.
CNEBUL.ZIP4326Feb 15 1990Info on the Certified NetWare Engineer Program.
CNEPAK.ZIP13834Sep 18 1990Information on Novell's CNE program.
CNETEST.ZIP187982Mar 24 1993This has sample tests for the certified Novell engineer test. I tried it and it was very worthwhile.
COMSP11.ZIP10052Feb 5 1993Prevent programs from shelling to DOS on a network.
CONMGR.ZIP19683May 21 1991Connection Manager for Windows to Netware.
CPQTR.ZIP52574Nov 2 1990Information and Novell NetWare drivers for the COMPAQ 32-Bit DualSpeed Token Ring Controller.
CRTFIX.ZIP6621Dec 18 1989Fixes a problem with Netware 386 when DOS's create new file call is made. An access denied message was returned.
CS_V100.ZIP251682Sep 14 1994The ComShare System v1.00. Share modems across a LAN.
DELFIX.ZIP5327Aug 30 1990DELFIX is a dynamic patch which is loaded at the file server console as a NetWare Loadable Module. It fixes a bug in NW 386 3.1.
DEMO24.ZIP3491Jan 19 1990C source code to demonstrate the possible use of a critical error handler to re-establish a connection to a server with or without user intervention.
DEPCA.ZIP25771Mar 29 1990Novell network drivers for DEC's DEPCA network card.
DFF3.ZIP11384Jan 30 1989Excellent file finder optimized to work with Novell networks.
DIA401.ZIP82503May 19 1992SMC/Ethernet Dianogtics Program. Checks out card.
DISK.ZIP9131Mar 26 1991DISK will display the amount of space a user is taking on all mounted volumes on the current Novell file server.
DKALRT.ZIP118312Jun 4 1992Disk Alert - Netware early warning system. It will show you all of your disk drives on all attached servers in a color graphics format. You can set warning groups and send msgs to people, files, or pagers.
DLDRFX.ZIP5325Aug 30 1990DLDRFX is a dynamic patch which is loaded at the file server console as a NetWare Loadable Module. It fixes a bug in NW 386 3.1.
DMENU1.ZIP41281Mar 22 1992DougMenu, for Novell Netware systems. This is a very nice menu system.
DMU172.ZIP44335Feb 11 1994Doug Menu V1.72. Free Novell menu replacement with mouse support, better mem management 0k, more options, etc.
DO-FOR.ZIP26420May 5 1993DO-FOR is Netware batch utility that allows yout to issue any command for a specified set of users or group. Nice free admin. utility.
DOSUP8.ZIP375953Nov 4 1993Novell's latest DOS drivers, downloaded from CIS.
DOSUP9.ZIP716497Jan 21 1994Latest Novell Client Update for DOS.
DRDOS600.ZIP2923Oct 26 1991Artisoft's LANTASTIC NOS fix for systems running DRDOS 6.0 and Windows on a server - obtained from Artisoft's BBS.
DSWIN0.ZIP1578Mar 6 1991Description of contents of through
DTTMFX.ZIP6405Dec 12 1990Patch fix for NetWare 386 V3.10a. Fixes problem where a file's date/time could not be set to 0. Affected Turbo products.
DUMPUS.ZIP25002Oct 27 1989DUMPUSER will create an ASCII file from one server in the MAKEUSER format which can then be moved to another file server to add all the users at one time.
DUT600.ZIP91569Oct 20 1994Recent bug fixes for LANtastic 6.0.
DVNOVELL.ZIP4479May 16 1987Discussion of how to effectively use DESQview with NOVELL.
EASYMA7.ZIP157565Jul 25 1991A nice mail system for Novell Networks.
EASYNET.ZIP117386Jun 7 1988Shareware computer RS232 Network. Supports up to 56K baud and allows drive and printer sharing.
ECLITE11.ZIP311592Apr 7 1991Powerful E-Mail messaging system.
EIMAIL.ZIP486400Mar 9 1992Newest version of Einstein Mail - direct from CompuServe - 1992.
ENADR.ZIP680Aug 4 1991Enadr determines the Ethernet address of a 3C501 card. C source code.
ENCOM.ZIP28901Dec 5 1989ENCOMPASS is a user-friendly menu "front-end" to stand alone PCs and multi-user environments such as PC-MOS/386, MultiLink, or any NetBios compatible network.
ENETAD.ZIP9482Sep 14 1990Get Ethernet address from Banyan Clients.
ESLNET.ZIP117634Jun 7 1988Simple PD local area network that uses RS232 com ports.
EXAM701.ZIP13879Nov 14 1994Notes from the NOVELL Service and Support #701 class for CNE training.
FINFO2.ZIP6563Jun 4 1990Will show you serial numbers of all attached file servers.
FIXPTH11.ZIP9559Feb 5 1993This program reads your path environment variable and checks to verify that all referrenced directories actually exist. Any directory that doesn't exist, or is inacessable, is removed from the path.
FJ09.ZIP1232Feb 1 1992Flush print jobs to printer in NetWare 2.11+.
FMAP100.ZIP133783Sep 29 1992Fmap is a full screen drive map editor for Novell Netware.
FSCAN.ZIP17831Aug 17 1989List Novell network connections and files in use without loading FCONSOLE, very handy for those using Novell.
FSINFO.ZIP7679Apr 7 1992File Server Information - Displays file server information obtained wth the API call GetFileServer Information. Useful for determining Peak Connections Used on Netware.
FSL12A.ZIP111406Jun 14 1993Novel Fast logon screen. Allows user to input logon name and password. Realy nice user friendly input screen.
FSP-1.ZIP2551Dec 6 1989An interesting document that explains what a Novell FSP is, what it does, and how your free memory affects how many are created.
FSP.ZIP11850Sep 7 1989Untested Novell patch for increasing the number of available service processes in the NetWare OS. Uses some dynamic memory from pool #1.
FTMENU.ZIP38409Feb 26 1992Menu System for Novell Networks - FREE.
FXOPEN.ZIP5969Aug 30 1990FXOPEN is a dynamic patch which is loaded at the file server console as a NetWare Loadable Module. It fixes a bug in NW 386 3.1.
FYI.ZIP110876Dec 1 1991For Your Information Message Center for networks (inform users upon login of important bulletins or events).
FYI192.ZIP24347Jan 9 1992Novell's FYI Tech. Notes for January 1992.
G8BPQ.ZIP57607May 5 1989Allows a PC to become a node on a NET/ROM compatible AX25 network.
GLOSLAN.ZIP12758Jun 28 1993Glossary of LAN-Related Terminology.
GPINMI.ZIP891Dec 6 1989Text file describing various causes for Novell file server error messages: GPI and NMI Abends.
GROUPM.ZIP6842Jun 5 1992Command Line Add/Remove/Check Bindery Group Members.
GSCRIP.ZIP36658Jul 6 1989View system and user login scripts on Novell networks without going into Syscon.
HOTNET.ZIP265012Apr 12 1991LAN based call logging/support tracking system - excellent for tech support operations.
IBMTOKEN.ZIP144929Jan 1 1999Tutorial on Token Ring by IBM.
ICFD170B.ZIP228195Mar 4 1993Inventory Control Facility v1.70b. Keep Track of PC/Workstation Hardware and Software.
IDE286.ZIP4863Sep 6 1991Use IDE drives on Netware 2.x.
IDE386.ZIP8877Apr 6 1992This driver supports most IDE drives with Netware v3.11.
IMENU.ZIP176082Oct 15 1990InteMenu - GUI Menu system for use with Networks.
INFORM10.ZIP34336Aug 25 1992Non-Novell Network Bulletin Software.
IP11.ZIP15365Nov 10 1993Utility that helps manage TCPIP adredresses. Input IP Network adress and subnet mask and the program recommends a list of IP addresses.
IPXCHAT.ZIP15097Dec 14 1993Demo of workstation-to-workstation communications over a Novell LAN using IPX.
IPXEDT.ZIP3318Feb 5 1991Allow you to modify your IPX.COM to handle unsupported hardware options. Change IRQ, I/O address, RAM address, or DMA channel.
IPXINC.ZIP5663Dec 14 1990Netware 3.1 patch that will fix a known problem.
IPXPING.ZIP28424Mar 22 1994Novell ipx ping utility, can ping any server or workstation connected to server.
IQUEUE.ZIP127665Dec 28 1991Network Print Queue Manager for Novell.
ISA311.ZIP13290Apr 28 1993Latest Netware ISA Disk Driver.
ISFILE.ZIP5864Sep 30 1990Signals Users if they have new mail at login (Novell).
ISSERV.ZIP7654Jun 1 1992Program to check if a server is up or not.
JOTIT2.ZIP42298Jan 12 1993JOT-IT v2.0 Electronic replacement for all those "WHILE YOU WERE OUT" notes. Runs on most networks.
JUMPER.ZIP46717Jan 10 1991Jumpers will reconfigure LAN drivers, both IPX.COM and server drivers.
KA9Q.ZIP485975May 8 1989KA9Q Internet Package, which is an implementation of the network protocol family originally created as part of the Arpanet project. The protocol family is commonly refered to as "TCP/IP".
KBFIX.ZIP9977Feb 4 1992This is a fix for clone 386 computers with a sticking shift key problem when running Lantastic.
KEYLOK.ZIP14407Jan 20 1991Locks keyboard and waits for Netware password.
L11U03.ZIP6864Apr 9 1993Latest Netware Lite patches.
L6-W4W.ZIP2710Jan 8 1993How to use Windows for Workgroups network functions with Lantastic v6.0.
LAN-TECH.ZIP9966May 12 1989Technical Reference for programmers in a LANTASTIC network environment.
LANBP23.ZIP27640Dec 10 1992Novell Wide area network utility for monitoring servers.
LANHJ7.ZIP56923Mar 14 1992With LAN HIJACK you can control other PCs on your network.
LANMDL.ZIP231729Sep 16 1992This is an MS Windows 3.x tool. It provides computer-aided design and analysis tool for Ethernet network performance modeling.
LANMEN.ZIP70654Dec 12 1991Menu system for Novell Networks (could be used with other networks though).
LANMSG.ZIP758952Aug 17 1994Creates an ASCII file that can be displayed on the LAN login. This screen is created automatically each night. This system comes complete with 365 thoughts for the day.
LANPRT.ZIP45550Feb 18 1992Lan Print V1.0 - Windows Network Print Utility.
LANSTAT.ZIP18969Sep 18 1989Show LAN statistics on a Lantastic network. Shows Adapter Status and Session Status NetBios commands.
LANSTO.ZIP3398Nov 1 1989Text on how NetWare features like HotFix and read-after-write verification behave in general, the extent of a VADD's role in these features, and how the LANStor's VADDs implement these features.
LANTECMR.ZIP1812Sep 20 1991Lantastic TECMAR tape tricks.
LANTL124.ZIP85369May 21 1990Netbios TSR for file transfer, group chat, and remote control.
LANTUTOR.ZIP23310May 26 1989Tutorial on local area networks, very interesting. This Tutor includes some very good information on LANs.
LANUTI15.ZIP62723Nov 6 1989Nice set of utilities for Lantastic LANs.
LANUTILS.ZIP63074Jan 6 1990Various Utilities for use with Lantastic Networks.
LANWATCH.ZIP162771Jan 22 1991Security and Monitoring program for single PCs and network workstations.
LANWORD1.ZIP7405Jul 25 1991GLOSSARY of networking terms from LAN Magazine (March/April 1991) issues. Covers from A - M in the alphabet. ASCII text file.
LAN_NOV.ZIP12808Oct 27 1991Notes on Lantastic and Novell Networking.
LASER.ZIP26054Apr 18 1989An excellent program that allows a CD-ROM to be accessed across a Netbios network. Full C source is included.
LEVEYU.ZIP93001Jan 22 1992Collection of Utilities for the Novell Network Administrator.
LITE11.ZIP533832Jul 8 1992Upgrade your Netware Lite v1.0 to v1.1. You must have version 1.0 for the install program to work. Easy installation, better caching, window support, CD-ROM support.
LITEINFO.ZIP10007Nov 11 1991Information on Novell's Netware Lite (New).
LK105A.ZIP32012Feb 15 1992Control the number of concurrent users that access a DOS executable file - great for networks.
LMAIL130.ZIP43514Mar 29 1992Pop-up mail for Lantastic mail networks.
LMAST.ZIP18282Apr 5 1991Lan Master - it scans the bindery for user objects and will process up to 10 command lines per user. This is of use when installing software, adjusting trustee rights, and most other user-related tasks.
LOADFX.ZIP8277Sep 8 1989Bug Fix for Netware 386 3.0 to fix hanging of initial program load on many 386 clones.
LOCK106.ZIP65551Mar 19 1993Netware security utility. Locks workstations after a set period of inactivity.
LOCK13.ZIP13421Dec 1 1992Simple network single-application lock.
LOG363.ZIP59596Jan 8 1992Update to Novell's Login.exe for Netware 2.2 and 3.11. Supercedes all previous updates. (downloaded from CompuServe Novell's Forum).
LOGINS.ZIP16630Feb 22 1992Levey's Enable/Disable Login Control Utility for Novell.
LOGOF133.ZIP10957Feb 5 1993This program works like LOGOUT that comes with Novell except that it modifies your PATH by removing drives you can no longer access. It also will attempt to hunt up a new COMSPEC if necessary.
LOGRUN.ZIP4630Jan 11 1992Novell NetWare Login Utility for Menuing.
LQ.ZIP7545Jan 30 1990LanQwik - TSR to send messages to other users on a network.
LXREP302.ZIP79084Jun 11 1993Automate LAN workstation virus scanning using LPScan (part of INTEL's LANProtect). This shell activates LPScan based on LAN Manager's DATE/TIME parameter. Can also prevent users from breaking out of LPScan.
MAIL15.ZIP68599Mar 1 1992Procomm BBS mail <-> Lantastic Mail Gateway -- MAILROOM v-1.5.
MAIL2.ZIP17023Dec 8 1992A cc:Mail utility that allows fast, easy sending of files from the DOS command-line. Great for automatic batch jobs.
MAILCALL.ZIP25820Jan 16 1992Small memory resident utility that provides network users with hot-key access to their E-Mail program. Supports Netware, VINES, and LAN Manager networks.
MAILWT30.ZIP44847Oct 7 1993This is a Windows utility that "listens" for incoming MS-Mail messages and alerts the user when a message arrives.
MAINTI16.ZIP15881Apr 11 1994Maintain INI V1.6. Is a small DOS utility that use text script files to change/maintain Windows INI files. Even adds/changes device lines. Excellent network admin utility.
MAP102.ZIP13640Jan 9 1991Lantastic network map utility shows file server and mail status.
MAPS.ZIP21810Jan 20 1992Addition to Novell's Map Command - Map search drives to a specific letter.
MAPSAVE.ZIP7169Sep 10 1991Combination of batch files that writes your current drive mappings to temp ascii file and then can be used later as a executable file.
MASSUSR2.ZIP280463Nov 30 1992Mass User Management (MUM) V1.2. Great program for adding, deleting, and updating Netware users. Good program for large networks.
MAYNSTRM.ZIP1564Sep 20 1991Tech tips on using a Maynard Tape drive on a Lantastic Network.
MBACCT.ZIP25377Feb 7 1992Netware Accounting Data List .
MBBALN.ZIP23326Feb 7 1992Netware Account Balance List .
MBIND.ZIP27429Feb 7 1992Netware Bindery Listing.
MCATCH.ZIP13408Jun 12 1988Message Catch Utility catches up to 10 messages on Novell network.
MDOS62.ZIP3212Mar 31 1994Artisoft tech notes on using Lantastic with MS-DOS 6.2.
MENU27.ZIP68167Mar 11 1990Mountain Menus for Novell networks version 2.7. Use Novell menu scripts and adds mouse support, color and other features. Unloads to 0k.
METER12.ZIP20317Dec 22 1988Allows a set number of copies of a program to run on a Novell network.
MGCHAT.ZIP26160Nov 30 1988InterNode chat program TSR for Novell. Allows users to chat on-line.
MHS-C.ZIP28385Aug 26 1989C source example for writting MHS routines.
MMENU.ZIP32846Aug 12 1989Mountain Menu is a Novell menu substitute. It supports a mouse and unloads its self from memory. The conversion from Novell is very easy.
MNTINI.ZIP14564May 13 1993This utility helps maintain Windows INI files on a Network. Use it in batch files to update, change, delete INI lines.
MNU.ZIP151826Sep 7 1989Bonsai Menu substitute for Novell Menu. Very polished and professional package but complex to set up. Binds itself with an install program.
MONITOR1.ZIP14529May 5 1993Monitor is a Netware ustility (2.x -4.x) that allows you to view users file and I/O activity. It displays files opened for Read, Write, Locked, and Transactional.
MONITR.ZIP46878Dec 14 1990New Monitor NLM for Netware 386 3.1. This one fixes some problems.
MOREHD21.ZIP9659Feb 5 1993Allows some programs to open more than 20 file handles.
MOUSE.ZIP741Mar 11 1988Fixes problems with mice, PS/2's, and Novell networks.
MROOT.ZIP1268Apr 13 1992Root maker utility to specify a path that will be considered as root directory for a drive.
MSBSDPAT.ZIP24091Sep 21 1993Microsoft's Patch for Novell's "Black Screen of Death" that occurs when running DOS environments over a Novell-based LAN system.
MSDOS500.ZIP3963Jun 17 1991Text file for using MS-DOS 5.0 with Lantastic Network.
MSET.ZIP26486May 15 1991John's settable paramters NLM-netware v3.11 based utility. Use this to interactivally SET the netware console SET commands. Very useful utility to have.
MTVSP202.ZIP24017Feb 14 1991MTVSpool Version 2.02 is a workstation based non-dediciated print server for NetWare 2.1 or higher. This version fixes a few minor bugs found in version 2.0 including the slow printing problem.
MWATCH.ZIP7730Sep 16 1992MWATCH is an NLM which initially scans a fileserver for files which do not have an "owner".
MXMNU229.ZIP261093Jul 2 1991MarxMenu is not just another fill-in-the-blank menu system. It is a menu programming language and job control language. Designed to work with Novell Netware .
N31-205.ZIP11081Apr 24 1991Netware 3.1X LAN driver Version 2.05 for WPLUSSV.LAN.
NADC11.ZIP25792Jun 11 1988Converts Novell accounting data (NET$ACCT.DAT) to fixed length ASCII.
NAMEFX.ZIP6628Aug 13 1990NAMEFIX is a patch that removes the erroneous message "Novell In House Version" from the Console sign-on screen of shipping versions of NetWare 386 v3.10 Rev. A.
NAPIL.ZIP2476Feb 5 1991Information on NAPIL.DLL which provides a rich API for access to NetWare DOS shell services from within Windows 3.0.
NASIDIAG.ZIP40444Mar 19 1992This utility will give you information about your Novell NACS file server.
NASITTY.ZIP29374Sep 25 1992This file is a simple terminal emulator and command line interpreter for your NACS communication server. Need NASI driver to run.
NB215C.ZIP11769Sep 27 1989Lastest version of Novell's Netbios emulator. Version 2.15C.
NBA102.ZIP34581Oct 24 1992NetBios assist-- simple remote console utility.
NBCHECK.ZIP5037Jul 25 1988Find out if NetBIOS is loaded with TC 2.0.
NBMON.ZIP6227Feb 21 1988Excellent netbios utility that displays network traffic.
NBSAMPLE.ZIP27998Sep 26 1988Send/Recv messages on NetBIOS network with TC 2.0.
NBSTATUS.ZIP6892Sep 29 1988Check status of NetBIOS network node with TC 2.0.
NCL.ZIP57093Jun 3 1992Netware Command Language NLM. Runs and Netware console command plus 30 additional NCL commands at a specific time, period or event (login, bindery access, mout, dismount, change security, etc...).
NCPLIM.ZIP9639Dec 17 1990Novell Netware 386 version 3.1 patch that fixes NCP problem.
NCPLUS.ZIP32179Feb 18 1993A powerful Netware 3.11 NLM-based utility that will add 33-new commands to your netware console. This is a demo version of NC-PLUS, a utility that brings DOS and Netware style commands to the system console.
NCSA22.ZIP147436Sep 9 1989NCSA TCP/IP Version 2.2. Supports many different network boards.
NDIAGS.ZIP21512Sep 8 1992Diagnostics for Novell Netware workstations.
NDISIP.ZIP70676Feb 25 1992NDIS and Netware Packet drivers can coexist.
NET33X.ZIP131076Dec 16 1993Novell Netwire release of NETX supporing DOS 6.x (including 6.2).
NETADMIN.ZIP2573Apr 13 19893Com Administrators menu using Automenu MDF format.
NETALE.ZIP163515Jun 15 1994Demo of a Netware utility to page you when one of your servers has gone down.
NETB20.ZIP4245Mar 13 1991Check to see if netbios is loaded or not.
NETBAK.ZIP20647Mar 2 1992Perform automatic backups on Novell Networks as supervisor.
NETBENCH.ZIP262257Aug 11 1993Ziff-davis network bench mark distributed at May's Interop conference.
NETCALL.ZIP5528Aug 1 1989NETCALL is a TP 4+ unit that simplifies adding LANtastic Netbios functions to your programs. This version includes all calls needed to determine the Lantastic version, list logins/redirections, perform login/logout/redirec
NETCLASS.ZIP111965Mar 2 1992This program provides an electronic classroom environment on a Novell network by allowing an instructor to transmit 'live' screens, including keystrokes and mouse pointer, to an unlimited number of students on the LAN.
NETCOM.ZIP22825Aug 2 1989Netcomm is TSR program that allows simple message sending and receipt across a NETBIOS network.
NETCON.ZIP34290Jun 10 1991Very good NETBIOS compatable conference program, Pager, and Battleship game.
NETCOPY.ZIP8180Nov 8 1989Copy 3Com locked files (eg. ns_dom.000) with the server running. Very handy for network administrators.
NETCPY30.ZIP10115Aug 11 1987Simple file copy program patterned after UNIX's CPY program. This version is network compatible, and includes TP 3.0 source code.
NETCRACK.ZIP8031Dec 14 1990Figures out Novell network password.
NETCUR.ZIP225248Mar 16 1991Network packet monitor for ethernet cards.
NETDFREE.ZIP2891Jan 9 1992NetDfree is a handy utility program that will return the next available unmapped Novell drive letter. Great for batch files.
NETINFO.ZIP4108Apr 28 1990NETINFO displays Netware 2.1x objects/names from bindery files on current server. Includes complete ASM source code.
NETKILL.ZIP6287Jan 6 1992Clear Novell Connection From Command Line.
NETLIGHT.ZIP2437Nov 12 1987Flashes * on screen when disk access to NetWare network driver. Good.
NETMAI.ZIP36363Aug 5 1991Mail system for a variety of networks (Novell, Lantastic, Etc.).
NETMAP.ZIP29093Apr 6 1989Screen map like floor plan of your network. Netware.
NETNEW1.ZIP52848Dec 1 1991Advise new logins of changes or general mesages.
NETOFF.ZIP8616Aug 22 1991Novell Netware Idle Timer User Logoff Utility.
NETSM121.ZIP11443Feb 5 1993Net Smart - Helps network dumb programs use environment variables as filenames from within your programs the say way you can in batch files. (uses %username% , etc.).
NETSQZ.ZIP665623Mar 29 1995Netware .NLM real-time data compression Beta product for Netware 3.11 and 3.12.
NETTIME.ZIP35926Dec 21 1990This is a Novell (r) NetWare (tm) utility that will display the connection table list, and the time each user has spent during the current session. This is release 1.0.
NETUPDT.ZIP72070Aug 30 1991Update network workstations with new files.
NETUSER2.ZIP11847Aug 25 1989Will return all users on a NETBIOS network, and the address of the network card that they are using.
NET_DOC.ZIP116626Apr 22 1988Docs for NET_PC.ARC. Good info on TCP/IP 4 al.
NET_TIME.ZIP5657Jan 22 1988Query and set your computer's time based on an IBM LAN's server time.ASM.
NEWSH1.ZIP6262Jul 6 1990Text file documenting how to use Novell's new 3.0 shells with Windows.
NFS22PC.ZIP303453Jan 3 1995Tsoft NFSDRVR v0.22 shareware NFS network file system clients for MSDOS and Windows, includes clients for WatTCP, Trumpet ABI ntcpdrv, MS LanMan TCP/IP / Hewlett-Packard /3Com.
NLIST.ZIP7247Aug 2 1991Useful replacement for the SLIST Command on a Novell Network.
NLMLOCK.ZIP4442Dec 10 1991NLM for Netware 3.11 file server to lock server after a period of inactivity time and displays screen saver.
NMDM21.ZIP44517Mar 6 1990Allows modem sharing on network that support NetBios.
NMSOURCE.ZIP234407Oct 13 1991BBS-type mail system, public domain with Pascal source.
NOS400.ZIP1756Jul 19 1991LANtastic NOS version 4.0 upgrade information.
NOTICE.ZIP55482Jul 28 1991Notice.exe: a system noticeboard for use in Novell NetWare Systems.
NOTIFY.ZIP1824Jan 5 1992TSR to notify if there is mail using MHS.
NOVBAT.ZIP90364Nov 26 1991Novell Batch File Enhancer - Pretty Neat.
NOVELCMD.ZIP4030Dec 30 1991Summary of Novell Commands.
NOVELFAX.ZIP194235Aug 10 1993Compilation of all Novell's faxback fax service files.
NOVELLRJ.ZIP15261Oct 10 1986Great!, allows you to submit jobs to other network machines. Novell.
NOVMENU.ZIP14526May 26 1986Menu is a memory resident menu program that is to be used in conjunction with any Novell network. Its major feature is the use of text files to drive the menu command options.
NOVSER.ZIP2234Apr 15 1992Novell Serial.NLM to display file server serial number and application number.
NOVSYNC.ZIP3283Feb 5 1993Keep time on work stations in sync with server.
NP22.ZIP78034Feb 14 1992Net Pak V2.2 - Collection of Programs for Novell Network Administrators.
NSK.ZIP1343335Jan 20 1994Computer Tyme's Network Survival Kit utilities.
NTBIODOC.ZIP18557Feb 5 1980NetBIOS programmer's reference.
NTCHAT1A.ZIP39601Jun 14 1992Allows workstation peer-to-peer chat ability on Novell Network.
NUTIL6.ZIP362787Jan 22 1992Novell Utilities for the Network Administrator (Latest Version).
NUTILIZE.ZIP33156Oct 17 1991Netware server utilization display, EGA+. Netware 286 only.
NUTL6B.ZIP108614Mar 11 1992Net Utilities V6.b. Additional Netware utilities and fixes to
NW386P10.ZIP9188Feb 20 1990Device Drivers for NetWare 386 v3.0 for Proteon ProNET-10 p130x/p1800, Versions 3.x and 4.x.
NWCONFER.ZIP23397Mar 14 1990Network conference program. Allows several users to chat at once.
NWHAT.ZIP15594Jul 27 1989NWHAT gets various pieces of information from a Novell network and returns this information to a batch process in the form of an error level or by writing the result to the DOS enviroment table as the NWHAT variable.
NWHAT4.ZIP18287Sep 18 1990Novell Netware Utility that will return to your program information on item queried as an Error Level and/or Environmental Variable. Check display type, other users, your network card S/N, if logged in, etc.
NWL003.ZIP27109Jan 28 1992Netware Lite Patch for various problems. (download from Novell Forum).
NWL004.ZIP35865Feb 6 1992Netware Lite Patch Kit (supercedes
NWL102.ZIP6955Nov 3 1992Patch for Netware Lite v1.1.
NWL300.ZIP4265Dec 6 1991Application Compatability Testing Results With Netware Lite.
NWLITE.ZIP49233Dec 5 1991Fax information for Novell's Netware Lite (changes, etc).
NWSPOL.ZIP16678Jan 24 1992Remap network printers to queues in Print Manager without rebooting. Also disable message popups.
NWTRIVIA.ZIP136652Feb 18 1993Novell Netware Trivia-Shareware Program will test your Novell skills.
NWUTIL.ZIP125411May 22 1993A great set of Netware Batch utilities from CIS. Can maintain INI files, get volinfo, see if a user is a member of a group, list groups, etc.
NXCOPY.ZIP30172Aug 7 1987Like Xcopy for Network use.
ONOTE3.ZIP320750Nov 1 1993Object Notes v3.0 - A messaging utility, share notes across networks, requires Windows for Workgroup. Unique.
OPENFX.ZIP6746Nov 28 1989OPENFIX is a patch for the SERVER.EXE file of NetWare 386 v3.0. Fixes a problem with brain-damaged programs that open the same file twice.
OR.ZIP81530Apr 20 1992Outrider - Uses traffic light metaphor to display disk space, directory entries, CPU utilization, connections, etc.
OUTOFF.ZIP82274Apr 4 1993Out of the Office works with cc:Mail to handle your messages while you are away. It will notify users of your absence as well as your expected date of return. It will also forward any incoming messages to another user.
P10REQ.ZIP7423Sep 27 1990Device Drivers for the NetWare OS/2 Requester for Proteon ProNET-10 p130x and p1800.
PACIOL.ZIP1029Apr 14 1991Information on running Pacioli Accounting on a Lantastic LAN.
PACKDEMO.ZIP85802Nov 9 1993Public domain packet viewer, very good.
PACWAR.ZIP136604Mar 28 1991A pacman like game for networks (2 or more users).
PARTNER.ZIP44569Feb 6 1989Equal Partners. Simple serial-card based LAN system. Will perform limited LAN services, but speed is slow.
PCMAGLAN.ZIP33424Mar 17 1988Network I/O benchmark program from PC Magazine.
PCSMN121.ZIP251472May 25 1993PC ScanMaster for NetWare v1.21 - a user friendly method of enforcing your virus scanning policy on a network. Works with McAfee and other virus scanning software.
PDCLK145.ZIP99654Oct 3 1992PDCLKSET is a powerful utility for setting PC clock on a network. Uses packet driver and has built-in PING client and server. FREE - A must for networks.
PDINFO.ZIP6278Aug 26 1992Information on using the ODI drivers with Netware.
PDS92A.ZIP19368Jan 23 1992Novell PDS Newsletters Jan92 - Present.
PE3309.ZIP459249Oct 19 1994Updates drivers for Xircom PE3-10Bx network adapters dated 10/16/94.
PERFORM.ZIP11935Nov 15 1984Novell's network file I/O bench test program.
PERFORM3.ZIP73036Jan 10 1991Updated version of Novell's benchmark utility.
PHANTM.ZIP75828Jun 26 1992Phantom of the Console. Allows network administrators to schedule any Valid Netware Console command to be executed at a specific date and time.
PING.ZIP11859Aug 12 1993Test to see if a novell netware server is 'alive'. A lot like the PING command you would find in a TCP/IP package.
PKTD11.ZIP434248Nov 22 1993Crynwr v11.x packet drivers executables & docs.
PKTD11A.ZIP325237Nov 22 1993Crynwr v11.x packet drivers source, part 1 of 2.
PKTD11B.ZIP343612Nov 22 1993Crynwr v11.x packet driver source, part 2 of 2. Includes WinPkt.Asm...
PKTD11C.ZIP81660Dec 14 1993Crynwr 11.x packet drivers update.
PMAIL322.ZIP833934Sep 30 1994Pegasus Mail DOS version freeware E-Mail package for use with Novell 2.X and 3.X networks. Has gateways to Novell MHS and SMTP.
POPCAP.ZIP21992Jan 7 1993PopCapt provides a simple user interface to Novell's print capture functions.
POPLIST.ZIP29013Mar 2 1991POPLIST is special purpose TSR designed for use on LANs. The TSR gives virtually instant access to a centralized phone list or locator list with small overhead (2K).
POPSPOOL.ZIP21349Dec 8 1986Allows easy access to Novell's print spooling by using a hot-key.
POSCHECK.ZIP8066Oct 28 1992PosCheck v1.2 from Novell checks corrupted Btrieve position blocks, gives a trace log of Btrieve calls. Compares block between two Btrieve calls to check whether host application is modifying/corrupting blocks.
PRB310.ZIP34319Dec 31 1990Solutions to problems with Novell Netware 386 Ver. 3.10a (current version).
PREFER.ZIP9910Apr 9 1990Utility for Novell Networks. Program to use after loading shell (i.e. Net3, Net4, etc). Sets default file server.
PRFIX2.ZIP1959Nov 29 1988This information will help you correct some possible problems with using spooled printers from a NOVELL file server.
PRFRM2.ZIP51024Aug 30 1988Novell's network file I/O benchmark test program.
PRO10.ZIP17439Apr 8 1988Pronet 10 drivers for Novell 2.1.
PRRRTTIM.ZIP960Jun 13 1992A LanManger utility to send EOJ to DOS print ques on LM.
PRTSC.ZIP3539Apr 18 1988Allows Print-Screen to operate on Novell ELS File Servers, includes full Turbo Pascal source code.
PSERV1.ZIP160426Jan 9 1992Print Server NLM/VAP for Netware v3.11 and v2.2.
PSERV2.ZIP147818Jul 30 1992Novell's latest release of their PSERVER utilities. Includes PSERVER.NLM, PSERVER.VAP, PSERVER.EXE, and RPRINTER.EXE (and docs). Major changes include fixes to rprinter for reporting a printer in use when it is not.
PSERV4.ZIP141373Jul 26 1993Newest Novell Print server and remote print server.
PTF430.ZIP259626Nov 22 1993Novell PTF for Access Server 1.3.
PWDCHK.ZIP9001Aug 8 1989Password Expiration Checker. (Novell).
QL2.ZIP7533Oct 18 1989QuickLink 2 Network Setdrive utility. Works with a wide variety of NOSs.
QM11.ZIP66815Dec 13 1991Printer Queue Manager for Novell Networks V1.1.
QMAIL1.ZIP16503Sep 17 1990QMAIL works with MHS and SMFSEAL to create a very quick SMF compatible mail file. Can be run from a batch file.
QSTAT.ZIP8224Oct 22 1991Quick & Dirty way of showing the current status of print queues.
QSWITC.ZIP14380Mar 1 1989TSR that allows you to switch between Print Queues under Novell.
QSWITCH.ZIP6994Jan 11 1990QSWITCH allows one LAN user to send a broadcast message to other LAN users.
Q_MGR.ZIP16088Jan 7 1992QSTAT is a "quick and dirty" way of showing the current status of your print queues.
R210FT.ZIP728506Sep 7 1994Upgrades Novell Requester for OS/2 from 2.10 to 2.11 (minor bug fix).
RECONE.ZIP8571Feb 16 1993Lantastic utility to reconnect to network.
REDRLST.ZIP5455Aug 29 1988List all networked devices (NETBIOS) w/C.
RELOG1.ZIP34791Jan 5 1994Novell C source to reattach to file server.
RFC1132.ZIP3221Dec 3 1990Request For Confirmation 1132 is a Internet document which describes how IEEE 802.2 encapsulated IP packets can be sent over an IPX network.
RJ.ZIP5299Jan 5 1987Execute remote jobs through a Novell network. One machine acts as a Server, everyone else is a Client. Includes complete C source code.
RUN1.ZIP10793Aug 16 1991Call batch files from Netware login scripts.
SAM303.ZIP37988Mar 1 1991S.A.M. Server Activity Monitor for LANtastic networks. Includes BASIC 7 (PDS) source code. For LANtastic NOS 3.00 -> 3.03.
SAP.ZIP18098Apr 6 1988This set of files illustrate the use of the Service Advertising Protocol (SAP). The SAP is the means by which "servers" on a Novell network advertise their services. Complete C source included.
SCBFIX.ZIP7445Jul 24 1990Static patch for Netware 386 3.1. Fixes a scan bindary problem.
SEC286.ZIP23963Jan 9 1991Security patch for Novell Netware Version 2.15C.
SEC386.ZIP6946Jan 9 1991Security patch for Novell Netware 386 Version 3.1.
SETFIX.ZIP5391Mar 10 1988Fixes problems with some PS/2 when running as a Novell file server.
SETHOME.ZIP15100Dec 14 1990Set user's Home directory on Novell LAN.
SHAWEB.ZIP203584Apr 3 1992Shareware peer to peer network for use of comm ports. It is by WEBCORP WEB PairWare.
SHMAIL.ZIP23016May 1 1989Novell compatible E-Mail program. from LAN Sharks.
SHRETRY.ZIP6377Sep 24 1987Set DOS Lock error retry count. Great for tuning networks.
SIGN13.ZIP96854Jun 28 1990SignOut is a "pop-up" program designed to keep track of where the workers in an office have gone. Works with Novell networks.
SLOCK.ZIP26113Sep 23 1992SLOCK -- Show Connection File Lock status for any user under Netware.
SOFTLOC.ZIP30952Jan 25 1989A automatic keyboard lock program that is great for Supervisors, etc. who constantly forget to logout or lock their machines.
SOSS_SRC.ZIP348240May 13 1991Son of Stan's Server - NFS on PCs over TCP/IP network and Novell.
SPOOLE.ZIP21290Aug 27 1986Nifty little print spooler TSR that was designed for Novell use.
SPU.ZIP30065Oct 10 1989Technical bulletins concerning SMC's ArcNet products.
SPXCON.ZIP21447Dec 2 1987NetWare SPX demo program that includes full C source code.
SPYEXE13.ZIP49545Nov 17 1989Excellent network SPY type program. Control workstations remotely. Uses NetBios for communication.
SQLINS.ZIP2362Dec 6 1989This document explains in detail how to install the Microsoft SQL Server on a Novell Netware based network. Requires OS/2.
SRINFO.ZIP17097Jan 28 1991Excellent text file explaining Source Routing Bridges, Transparent Bridges, Routers and NetWare.
SRMC1.ZIP236796May 16 1993Server Memory Calculator for Novell's NetWave v3.11.
SRVRDTTM.ZIP10090Dec 20 1989SRVRDTTM.EXE synchronizes date and time with the home server for an OS/2 workstation on a 3+Open Lan Manager LAN. C source.
SRVTST.ZIP5842Jun 23 1993Test Lantastic server.
SU.ZIP16080Feb 13 1992Show User Utility for Novell Network. Display user accounts, balances, etc.
SUBLOG10.ZIP13697Feb 5 1993SUBLOGIN is a quick, compact way to login to a file server, check that a password is correct, or change a password.
SUPERPLS.ZIP12000Dec 9 1991Switch supervisor on/off when needed on network.
SWATCH.ZIP61735Jun 24 1992Server Watch Program for Netware. Was Commerical---Now Shareware.
TACSTAR.ZIP302544Aug 18 1992TACSTAR - LAN-Only space adventure game.
TAKEOV.ZIP9839Sep 5 1991Reassign ownership of novell files to any userid.
TANDEM2X.ZIP81105May 24 1988Tandem allows you to control one machine via another across serial lines.
TBMI.ZIP30524Dec 18 1990TBMI (Task switched Buffer Manager for IPX/SPX) is a program used with multi- tasking environments to allow switching between peer-to-peer applications. Novell update.
TC216DRV.ZIP21988Jun 28 1989Novell LAN drivers for Thomas-Conrad ARCnet cards.
TCPTUTOR.ZIP34398May 6 1990An excellent text introduction to TCP/IP.
TCPUTIL.ZIP43135Jul 26 19923 of 4: Executable PC/TCP utilities.
TCP_DOCS.ZIP90069Mar 26 19912 of 4: Documentation for the Clarkson PC/TCP package.
TCP_SRC.ZIP331889Jul 26 19921 of 4: Source for Clarkson PC/TCP drivers and utils.
TECH3.ZIP15551Jun 13 1990This text manual is intended for programer who wish to make use of the network services of the LANtastic Network Operating System (LANOS).
TESTNT21.ZIP35719Feb 13 1991New version of TESTNET. Measures network file transfer rate.
TIM286.ZIP23719Jun 3 1991VAP for Netware 286 to fix problem with the file server losing time.
TIMEWAIT.ZIP23198Jul 1 1991Great event processing utility for BBS's. Make your BATCH file wait until your system clock reaches a certain time. Keeps nodes in Sync.
TIM_SY.ZIP8006Jan 22 1992Time synchronization (NLM for Novell) to set time across multiple servers.
TLO411.ZIP77294Apr 11 1991TSR to lock keyboard and disable mouse after a specified period of time - great for networks.
TOP_NET.ZIP149901Jul 15 1988This is the full-featured version of Top-Net A+ (2-user) Networking Operating System (NOS). It requires either ArcNet or EtherNet cards.
TRUSTEE.ZIP23176Feb 1 1991Outputs a report regarding the access rights of all trustees assigned to a directory, or set thereof, on a Novell NetWare v2.1x or higher network.
TSTBIND.ZIP3330Sep 30 1991Simple Test Novell Bindery Program. TP source code only.
TTS.ZIP4205Jun 2 1992Disable or Enable TTS on novell. Great for turning off before running backups.
U.ZIP21523May 7 1992Excellent replacement for Lan Manager 2.1 NET USE command.
UGRAPH.ZIP88737Jul 12 1990UGRAPH displays a graphic representation of the current Novell server's CPU utilization over a 30 second period.
ULIST1.ZIP16710Mar 3 1992Userlist utility for Novell Networks.
ULIST2.ZIP158618Jun 9 1993Advanced User List V1.2. Nice menu driven program to view users on a Novell network. Provides the following info on users : login scripts, Security, send message to user, etc.
UNET.ZIP22849Dec 31 1990Instructions for setting up a LAN using a modified parallel cable.
UPD311.ZIP469652Mar 9 1993Novell 3.11 Update disk as of March 1993. Includes bug fixes and some performance enhancements.
UPDT21.ZIP12323Apr 12 1988Novell Netware 2.1 update files.
USERQ.ZIP14908Apr 1 1991User print Queue view for Netware 286/386.
USERS.ZIP21161Aug 8 1989Display all user ID's on a Novell network. C source code included.
UTIL21.ZIP22265Sep 21 1989Ver 2.10 8 bit Everex EV2015 ethernet card configuration & diagnosis.
VAR.ZIP29596Jan 11 1991SVAR: Program That Creates System Variables from Network Info for LAN Man 2.0.
VOLGRAF.ZIP1976Dec 29 1989VOLGRAF - determines Volume information on Novell NetWare volumes, and displays the information graphically. Includes C source code.
W165PEG7.ZIP75115Apr 17 1993This kit contains materials to attach the Pegusus e-mail package to the Waffle Bulletin Board System. It is essentially an upgrade of the UDG.ZIP which accompanies Pmail since the old UDG.ZIP doesn't work with Waffle v1.6
WAAG20.ZIP21690Feb 4 1993Network Information Logon Screen to display events, and countdown timer for a particular holiday/event. Very nicely done. For Novell or other networks.
WCM.ZIP262418Dec 13 1991Workstation Configuration Management Solution for Novell Networks.
WDOGFX.ZIP5187Sep 12 1990WDOGFIX is a patch that fixes a problem in NetWare 386 V3.10a that would cause the file server to ABEND with the message of an illegal sprintf.
WEAKLINK.ZIP18503Nov 3 1988Disk sharing via null cable at 11k baud. Ideal laptop-desktop transfer.
WFW311.ZIP5678Apr 14 1994How to install Lantastic v6.0 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
WFWTCP.ZIP7264Dec 11 1992A description of how to run the TCP/IP protocol with Windows for Workgroups.
WHOHAS.ZIP16403Jun 8 1989C source code to show who has file open on LAN.
WHOHAS1.ZIP14042Jun 28 1993Who Has is a Netware (2.x - 4.x) command line utility to display who has a file opened on the network. Cleaner version than
WHOIS.ZIP7565Apr 29 1988Novell Netware utility that will dump usernames, passwords (pre-2.10), and other useful information.
WIN-SOCK.ZIP106241Nov 30 1993Winsock, a TCP/IP packet driver. The latest version.
WIN3.ZIP11904Jun 28 1990A paper on 3COM's current and future postion on Windows 3.
WINNET.ZIP19950Nov 27 1990Microsoft application note on integrating Windows with various types of networks (NetWare, LANMAN, Banyan, etc.).
WINNET01.ZIP8880Nov 4 1991Simple network resource program for Lantastic (login, logout, link, and unlink). Runs under Windows 3.0.
WINPM122.ZIP841747Sep 16 1994Pegasus Mail Windows version of freeware Email program for use with Novell 2.X and 3.x networks. Has gateways to Novel MHS and SMTP.
WINPRES.ZIP57332Apr 20 1992Using Window 3.0 with Novell Netware. The information can be applied to Windows 3.1 to successfully run windows on a netware environment. Good information contained in this document.
WINUP9.ZIP624510May 8 1994Novell's latest Windows drivers and patches, downloaded from Netwire.
WIZ-LINK.ZIP49706May 21 1987Null modem program for connecting 2 computers.
WMAIL.ZIP24064Nov 4 1991Mail system for Lantastic/Windows.
WMENU14.ZIP22066Jan 5 1992Windows/Novell Menu Program.
WNINFO.ZIP36427Mar 3 1991Windows 3.0 utility that will display server statistics for LanMan 2.0.
WOGIN.ZIP41512Jul 5 1990Alows users to login on Windows 3.1 when in startup group.
WSCON.ZIP70335Apr 15 1991WsMon is a utility to simulate the console of a Novell Netware file server that you run from your workstation.
WSDIAG.ZIP25354Mar 28 1993Provides information about all connections to a novell server, very good.
WSEND.ZIP10010Nov 13 1990Windows utility. Broadcast messages on a Novell network.
X25RULES.ZIP5103Dec 18 1990Rules of thumb for Netware Link/X.25.
XFAX15.ZIP39465May 23 1990Lan Fax Driver Utility.
XFER.ZIP14284Sep 9 1991Copy users/groups between file servers for Netware.
XMETR164.ZIP13891Feb 5 1993Shareware utility for Novell Netware networks to monitor and/or control the number of concurrent users of an application program. Returns DOS ErrorLevel if maximum users exceeded.
XPORT21A.ZIP30304Apr 7 1992Transfer files between two computers using serial ports.
XPRESS.ZIP97223Jul 31 1991X-press Electronic Mail from Infinite Technologies - For Novell (30-day trial).
XREN.ZIP11796Jan 29 1992DOS Tool that allows you to rename weird directories/files on Netware 386.
XSET41.ZIP26648Dec 8 1991Communicating via DOS environment variables - great for networks.
ZEP12.ZIP45754Jan 7 1992Simple Novell network user utility that is a TSR. View print queues, auto-dialer, etc.
ZIP17.ZIP34668Dec 6 1993Transfer files between 2 PC's at up to 115,200bps using serial ports.
ZIPLNK10.ZIP9427Sep 20 1991ZipLink is a small program works in conjunction with E. Meyer's ZIP 1.5 to provide a convienient "LapLink" like menu interface for communication between two PCs connected via serial ports.
ZZCLR.ZIP21972Jun 11 1994Replacement for Novell's NLICLEAR.NLM, will only clear not logged in connections when number of open slots is low. Allows for bypass of specified node addresses. Freeware.
ZZPEG.ZIP25843Jun 11 1994Pegasus Mail notification for Novell. Settable to send message if user has unread Pegasus mail.