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Reassign ownership of novell files to any userid.
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Reassign ownership of novell files to any userid.
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Contents of the TAKEOVER.DOC file


We wrote this program to solve a very specific problem. If you are not
using the "Limit Disk Space" and "Maximum number of bindery objects" this
program probably won't do much for you. Assuming you use both of these
options read on to see what this program is for.

Whenever a user creates a file on Novell that file is assigned the users
ID as file owner. The space that file occupies is subtracted from their
available disk space. Even if a different user reads, write or extends the
file the space is still subtracted from the original users space limitation.
Eventually a user (even an unlimited storage size one) will attempt to extend
one of the files and exceed the original file owners space limitation. The
system will refuse to extend the file and will return a variey of different
error codes depending on how the extend was attempted.

TAKEOVER allows you to reassign ownership of Novell files to any User ID,
or (by default) to the Supervisor (who is generally unlimited).

It will handle file name wilcards, and optionally will prompt at each file
name which matches the search specification. I found this MUCH easier than
trying to do the same thing with the FILER program.

Just run the program to get command line syntax.

The source code for the program is included, and both are thrown out into
the Public Domain to do with as you wish.

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