Dec 172017
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This is an MS Windows 3.x tool. It provides computer-aided design and analysis tool for Ethernet network performance modeling.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BUG_LIST.TXT 1920 960 deflated
BUG_RPT.TXT 873 304 deflated
ETHERNET.EXE 157553 58688 deflated
LANMODEL.DOC 10893 4361 deflated
LANMODEL.INI 203 147 deflated
LANTOOL.TXT 15173 5359 deflated
MEMO.TXT 2174 1072 deflated
PROMOTE.TXT 1034 525 deflated
README.1ST 695 421 deflated
VBRUN100.DLL 271264 152996 deflated

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