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Great event processing utility for BBS's. Make your BATCH file wait until your system clock reaches a certain time. Keeps nodes in Sync.
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Great event processing utility for BBS’s. Make your BATCH file wait until your system clock reaches a certain time. Keeps nodes in Sync.
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Contents of the TIMEWAIT.DOC file

Time Wait - Version 1.0
By Todd Miller - Copyrighted 1991


Time Wait (refered to as the product) is provided AS IS. We can
not be held for any thing connected directly or indirectly to
this product. You can not modify the program or distribute
the program without documentation without written permission
from the author.


Are you having trouble with one node's event file running longer
than another and a user slips on an into something he shouldn't
while an a event is still running? Or are you tried of timing
how long it takes for an event to run so that you can make sure
that each node will be back up at the same time? Well, if so,
this is for you. Time Wait will wait until the specified time
and then continue running the batch file that it was called

Usage of Time Wait

Using Time Wait is VERY simple. Just simply add into a
batch file wherever you need things to be synchronized at the
command TIMEWAIT and a time in (HH:MM) format. Make sure to
have your DOS path point to where Time Wait is or to call
Time Wait from the directory which it is in. A few examples
would be:

This would wait until 1:34am
This would wait unril 3:00pm

The only problem with Time Wait is if you call it, and set
it to wait to say 15:00 but the real time is 15:05. Then
Time Wait would wait 24 hours until 15:00 came around again.
I would add in a way to check for this, but it is almost
impossible when you consider midnight roll-over.

I ask for no money if you use this program.

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