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Quick & Dirty way of showing the current status of print queues.
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Quick & Dirty way of showing the current status of print queues.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


QSTAT is a "quick and dirty" way of showing the current status of your
print queues. It will show each known print queue (on the current server),
the status of the print queue, and the jobs in that queue.

Jobs will show the job number and the file size.

The format of QSTAT command is simply:


There are no options at this time.

QSTAT is shareware. If you use this program beyond a reasonable amount of time,
say 30 days or so, then you must register it. Registering it will get you the
next upgrade to the program, plus notification of any updates. (A windows
version is being planned).

QSTAT does not contain any "distructive" code, simply information gathering on
the print servers status. Non-registered users of QSTAT do not get any warrenty
of any kind.

Now that I've mention registering, here's how:

o Fill out the registration form and send a check for $10 + $3 S/H to:

Dana Consultants
PO Box 7204
Reston, VA 22091-7204

(703) 620-3554 (leave message, will return call)

QSTAT - Registration Form

NAME: _____________________________________________

COMPANY: _____________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________

CITY/STATE: _______________________________

ZIP CODE: ________________

PHONE: (____) _____ - _______

What version of Netware are you running? _________________

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