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Shareware computer RS232 Network. Supports up to 56K baud and allows drive and printer sharing.
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Shareware computer RS232 Network. Supports up to 56K baud and allows drive and printer sharing.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONFIG.ADD 44 44 stored
CONFIG1.NET 581 313 deflated
CONFIG2.NET 581 313 deflated
NETAGENT.TSK 20893 10908 deflated
NETCOMM.TSR 13455 7902 deflated
NETDRIVE.SYS 944 638 deflated
NETERROR.EXE 10683 5953 deflated
NETINTF.TSK 22831 12222 deflated
NETRDRCT.TSR 28987 15221 deflated
NETSTART.EXE 51410 16730 deflated
NETTASK.TSR 9337 5701 deflated
READ.ME 4805 1966 deflated
SETBAUD.EXE 10955 5995 deflated
SHARELAN.TXT 8090 3291 deflated
USE.EXE 46345 24236 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

EasyNet Systems Inc. Apr. 01, 1988

* Please read the EASYSHAR.TXT file for product discription and information.

Installation and Setup of EasyNet ShareWare Software

Product Name: EasyNet

EasyNet: Local Area Network
Medium: RS232 based
Max. Computers: 2
Speed: upto 56K baud
Cabling: RS232 cable- Pins 2 & 3 crossed 7 straight through
Max. Distance: 200'

Computer Requirements: Minimum

PC XT AT 386 or
640 KBytes of memory
1 COM (RS232) Port
1 Floppy drive
1 RS232 Cable (as configured above)

Computer Requirements
640 KBytes of memory
1 COM (RS232) Port
1 Hard drive
1 Floppy drive
1 RS232 Cable (as configured above)

The software supplied is complete, and will allow you to connect together two
Computers in a full PEER-to-PEER network configuration.

You should have received the following programs;

NETTASK.TSR Multi-Tasking Executive Program
NETCOMM.TSR Comm Port I/O Driver Software
NETINTF.TSK System Interface (NetBios Emulator)
NETAGENT.TSK Server Module
NETRDRCT.TSR Workstation Module
NETERROR.EXE Screen - Error Report Module
NETSTART.EXE Initialize & Load/Start Network
NETDRIVE.SYS Virtual Disk Drive, Driver Module (Config.sys)
USE.EXE Drive & Printer Assignment Program
CONFIG1.NET Sample EasyNet Config file for Computer 1
CONFIG2.NET Sample EasyNet Config file for Computer 2
CONFIG.ADD Lines to add to existing Config.sys file
READ.ME Explanation of the Easynet System
SHARE.TXT Explanation on Drive, Printer Resource sharing
SETBAUD.EXE Utility to set baud rate of the COMM Port


Hard Drive Installation

1. Create a directory (MD C:\EASYNET) off of the root directory.
2. Copy all the EasyNet files into this directory.
3. Put the file NETDRIVE.SYS into the root directory.
4. Append to the end of CONFIG.SYS the CONFIG.ADD file
(copy c:\config.sys+c:\easynet\config.add c:\config.sys).
This is one possible way. Another way is to edit the existing
CONFIG.SYS file and simply add to the end of your config.sys file;


If you do not have a CONFIG.SYS file, create one with these entries.

5. You must now add to your startup path statement the EASYNET directory.
This can be done by editing the AUTOEXEC.BAT file and adding the
C:\EASYNET to your path.

6. Now all that is left is to copy the file CONFIG1.NET to the root directory (COPY C:\EASYNET\CONFIG1.NET C:\CONFIG.NET).
If this is the first computer then use the file CONFIG1.NET; if it is the
second computer, use the file CONFIG2.NET.

Please be sure you use the correct CONFIGn.NET file on the correct computer,
as both PCs cannot use the same file.

Once you have finished the above steps the machine must be rebooted to load the
NETDRIVE.SYS driver. When done booting, please enter the command "NETSTART /R".
This is the startup program which will load the EasyNet network.

The network is now loaded and stays resident in memory. You can log onto a
remote computer's disk drive by simply entering the drive letter (D: or E:)
corresponding to the remote computer's physical drive. The drive assignments
can be viewed from DOS at any time by entering "USE /L", and can be changed
by the program "USE".

Floppy Installation

First format a DOS diskette with the /S option, this will be a "BOOT" disk.
You may then copy the EasyNet programs onto this floppy disk. You will have
to rename the EasyNet file CONFIG.ADD to CONFIG.SYS on this floppy disk. You
may then rename the file CONFIG1.NET if this is your first computer to
CONFIG.NET (rename CONFIG2.NET if Second PC). The network is now ready.
Please reboot the floppy based computer and enter NETSTART /R at the prompt.
Follow the same steps as with a hard disk above to find out where the
remote drives are and to use the network.

Please feel free to experiment with the network. The program USE.EXE has a
help system built into it. Use the F1 or F3 keys to get help.

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