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Application Compatability Testing Results With Netware Lite.
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Application Compatability Testing Results With Netware Lite.
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Last Update: November 6, 1991

The following is a list of applications tested for compatibility with Novell's
NetWare Lite peer-to-peer network operating system. These tests were
conducted by a third party service called VeriTest. All tests were performed
with pre-released versions of the NetWare Lite peer-to-peer operating system,
therefore any applications that failed initial tests are now being retested with
version 1.0. For detailed information on the installation, licensing, and
compatibility of each application, download the document number listed on
the right. Brand names and product names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective companies. Because testing is still in progress,
this list is incomplete. Therefore recheck this document periodically for
updated compatibility information.

You accept this information with the understanding that Novell, Inc. makes
no representations or warranties as to the suitability of this information for
your particular purpose, and that to the extent you use or implement this
information in your own setting, you do so at your own risk. In no event
will Novell, Inc. be liable for any damages, whether consequential,
incidental, or special, arising out of the use of or inability to use the
information provided herewith.

This list is sorted by application category, then alphabetically by application
name. The key is as follows: ACC, Accounting; CAD, Computer Aided
Design; CDR, CD-ROM; CMP, Compiler; COM, Communication; DAT,
Database; DIA, Diagnostic; DTP, Desktop Publishing; EDU, Educational
Software; EML, EMail; GRA, Graphics; INT, Integrated; PIM, Personal
Information Manager; PRG, Programming Language; PRM, Project
Manager; REC, Recreational; SPR, Spreadsheet; UTL, Utility; VMS,
Vertical Market Software; WRD, Word Processor

Applications marked with a '*' indicate compatibility with limitations. Check
document for details.

---- ----- ----- ----
@Liberty v2.01 CMP 340
386MAX v5.12 UTL 341
Accounting Plus v8.01 ACC 345
ACCPAC Plus v6.0a ACC 344
Alpha 4 v1.1 DAT 301
Amortizer Plus v3.0 ACC 411
Andrew Tobias Tax Cut v1990 ACC 302
Applause II v1.5 GRA 412
askSam Network Edition v5.01n DAT * 413
AutoCAD 286 rel 11 CAD 342
AutoCAD 386 Rel 11 c2 CAD 343
AutoDesk Animator v1.01 UTL 346
Automenu v4.7 UTL 304
AutoShade v2.0 & RenderMan v1.0 CAD 305
AutoSketch v3.0 CAD 306
Back-It 4 LAN v1.0 UTL 348
Bank Street Writer Plus v1.2 WRD 307
Borland C++ v2.0 PRG 349
Brief v3.1 WRD 350
Business Contacts & Information Manager v1.1 PIM 415
Carbon Copy v6.0 COM 353
cc:Mail v3.2 EML 310
Central Point Anti-Virus v1.0 UTL 354
Champion Accounting v90.09 ACC 355
Check It Single User Version v3.0 DIA 356
Check It Networkable Version v3.0 DIA 311
Chessmaster 2100 v1.15 REC 312
Clarion Professional Developer v2.1 PRG 357
Clipper v5.01 PRG 358
ColoRIX VGA Paint v1.38 GRA 359
CompuLaw Network Docket 4.03 (Demo Version) VMS 313
CompuServe Information Manager v1.22 UTL 361
Computer Library v2.30 CDR 360
Crosstalk XVI v3.7 Rev D COM 351
Crosstalk Mk.4 v2.0.1 Rev C COM 352
Cruise Control v3.02 UTL 314
Da Vinci eMAIL 1.8 EML 315
DacEasy Light Accounting v1.0 ACC 363
DacEasy Network Accounting v4.12 ACC 362
Dan Bricklin's Demo II v3.02 UTL 365
Data Pro Advanced Business Accounting v1.50n.32 ACC 316
DataFlex v2.3b DAT 364
dBASE III+ V1.1 DAT 416
DESK-LINK v2.21d UTL 417
Direct Access Network v5.1 UTL 366
Direct Access v5.1 UTL 367
Disk Technician Advanced v6.08 UTL * 418
Disk Optimize v4.05 UTL 368
Dr. Halo III v3.01.02 GRA 369
DrawPerfect v1.1 GRA 370
EasyCAD v2.67 CAD 371
EnerGraphics v2.3 GRA 372
Eureka:The Solver v1.0 UTL 373
Excalibur Plus Accounting System v3.06 ACC 317
Express Publisher v2.0 DTP 419
Fastback Plus 3.02 UTL 420
FastCAD v2.69 CAD 374
Finance 10 v1.11 ACC 375
Fontasy v3.0 DTP 376
ForComment v2.12 WRD 422
FormFiller v3.0 INT 377
Generic CADD v5.0 CAD 318
GeoWorks Ensemble v1.2 INT * 423
Grammatik IV v2.0 Business Pack INT 319
Great Plains Accounting v6.01 (Accounts
Receivable), v6.0 (General Ledger) ACC 378
HALO DPE v1.30.11 DTP 424
Harvard Project Manager v3.02 PRM 425
Harvard Graphics v3.0 GRA 379
HeadRoom v2.0 UTL 426
HiJaak v2.02 UTL 427
HOT WIRE v1.0 UTL 428
IBM Storyboard Plus v2.0 GRA 448
IBM Current v1.1 PIM 429
IBM Storyboard Live! v1.0 GRA 447
Impress v2L Network Edition SPR 380
LapLink v3.00a UTL 430
Lattice C DOS & OS/2 Compiler v6.05 PRG 431
LetterPerfect v1.0 WRD 320
Lightning 5.5 UTL 432
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.2 Server Edition SPR * 407
Lotus Magellan v2.0 UTL 322
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.01 Single User SPR * 406
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.3 Single User SPR 409
Lotus Manuscript v2.1 WRD 434
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3.1 Server Edition SPR 410
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.3 Server Edition SPR 408
Lotus Metro v1.1 PIM 435
Lotus Works v1.0 INT 436
Lotus Agenda v2.0 PIM 321
Lotus Symphony v2.2 Server Edition INT 323
Lotus Freelance Graphics for DOS Release 4.0 Server
Edition GRA 433
Lucid 3D v2.25 SPR 437
Mace Utilities v1990 UTL 438
Managing Your Money v7.1 ACC * 381
Manifest v1.01 UTL 324
Mathematica 386/7 v1.2.3 PRG 382
MBA Business Accounting, General Ledger v3.30c (Demo
Version) ACC 325
Medical Manager v7.02 VMS 326
Microsoft Bookshelf v1.0 CDR 445
Microsoft Learning DOS v2.0 EDU 446
Microsoft Chart 3.0 GRA 328
Microsoft Works v2.0 INT 333
Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 REC 329
Microsoft Pascal Compiler v4.0 PRG 443
Microsoft QuickBASIC v4.5 PRG 444
Microsoft Project v4.0 PRM 331
Microsoft C v6.00a PRG 439
Microsoft Macro Assembler v6.0 PRG 442
Microsoft Cobol v4.0 PRG 440
Microsoft Multiplan v4.2 SPR 330
Microsoft Fortran v5.0 PRG 441
Microsoft Word v5.5 WRD 332
Mirror III LAN v2.0 COM 327
MOVE'EM v1.02 UTL 383
MultiMate v4.0 LAN WRD 385
Novell Xtrieve v4.01 with Btrieve 5.10a DAT 404
OfficeWriter v6.22 WRD 386
OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software v4.04
(Accounts Payable), v4.03 (Accounts
Receivable), v4.13 (General Ledger),
v4.02 (Inventory), v4.02 (Sales Order) ACC 387
Paradox Engine v2.0 PRG 390
Paradox v3.5 LAN DAT 388
Paradox v3.5 DAT 334
PC Board v14.5/E3 COM 389
PC-File LAN Edition v5.01 DAT 335
PFS:Professional File LAN v2.02 DAT 337
PlanPerfect v5.1 SPR 336
SprinRite II v2.0 UTL 338
The Brooklyn Bridge v3.5 UTL 308
Total Word 1.3 + Node Pack WRD 393
Turbo Tax 1990 (Federal) v8.01 ACC 391
Turbo Tax Proseries 1040 v7.01 ACC 392
Vcache v5.03 UTL 394
Ventura Publisher Network Edition v3.0 DTP 395
VM/386 MultiUser v2.0 UTL * 449
Vmenu v2.03 UTL 396
WealthStarter v1.0 ACC 397
Word for Word Professional v4.2 WRD 400
Word & Figures v1.01 SPR 398
WordPerfect v5.1 WRD 401
WordPerfect Office LAN v3.01 EML 403
WordPerfect Executive v1.0 INT 402
WordStar 6.0 LAN WRD 399
XTreeGold 2.0 UTL 339
XyWrite III Plus v3.56 WRD 405

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