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Network packet monitor for ethernet cards.
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Network packet monitor for ethernet cards.
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Contents of the README file

Hi future NetCure/Beholder users,

The current form of NetCure is stable. We are developing a new version
that will be better, has SNMP support and will be able to answer
remote requests for performance-data. Real Soon now....

NetCure Installation

i) Get a PC with an ethernet-card

ii) determine the interupt-number, io-address and
memory-address of the network card.

iii) remove network software (LANMAN/NetWare) software
from config.sys + autoexec.bat

iV) boot the PC

v) select the correct packet-driver from
the p*.zip file and start it with the correct
parameters (see read-me files of the packetdriver
(vi) Start NetMon, this software shows packetslength
types, net-load and the like

vii) see all the bells and wistles and try all buttons
(Try ESC !!!!!)

viii) Stop NetMon, and start NetCapt. This program captures
all packets sent by stations. You can edit the
DP.INI to configurate which stations you want to manage.

This isn't much of a users-manual, but use your imagination and try
until it works. You can reach me at

[email protected]

for questions !!!!

greetings from Network Nirwana


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