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Simple network single-application lock.
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Simple network single-application lock.
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Contents of the README file

1 September 1992 (Release 4)

This disk contains the latest versions of the utility programs from OzWoz
developed over several years to "fill the holes" left by MS-DOS and other
utilities. All have been carefully designed to minimise memory usage,
disk I/O and provide a consistent command line interface.

If you like any of these programs and want to receive printed documentation,
free updates and information about this and other OzWoz products please send
your name, address, preferred diskette size/format, and a reasonable donation
of $$$ or to cover postage, handling and your gratitude to....

OzWoz Software
5 Parkhill Drive
Ringwood, Victoria, Australia, 3134
Telephone 03-879-5013

Bug reports, suggestions for enhancements or new programs most welcome.
MS-DOS, MS-Windows and UNIX environments catered for.

These programs may be distributed and used FREE OF CHARGE but must not be
modified in any form. While every attempt has been made to ensure they are
reliable and bug/virus free they are used at your own risk.

Thankyou for your support...

Name Brief description (Refer program for further details)
3812PRN IBM 3812 Pageprinter driver.
ALARM TSR pop-up alarm clock.
CHANGE Change text in one or more files.
CHECKTD Check current time and/or date and set errorlevel.
CLEARKEY Clear "n" keystrokes from the keyboard buffer.
CURSOR Set cursor shape and style.
ENCRYPT Encrypt/decrypt file/s using a key (password).
ERRORLVL Set the DOS errorlevel (return code).
EXERCISE Exercise a local or network file system and show performance.
FF Find file/s and change to directory if required.
GETOID Return Novell Netware object ID for user, groups, etc.
LOCK Simple network single application lock.
LS List file directories with many many options.
MAIL Simple mail facility for Novell Netware with a delay send option.
MAKEMENU Self maintaining menu utility with no executing memory overhead.
NETTALK User talk/chat utility for Novell Netware.
PLAY Play music and write your own.
RESET Presses the reset button and/or CTRL+ALT+DEL.
SATTRIB Modify attributes including hidden, system and sub-directories.
SAVEDIR Save current directory to a self restoring batch file.
SAVEPATH Save current path setting to a self restoring batch file.
SAVESCR Save/restore current text screen contents and attributes.
SCOPY Copy, move, update, break, concatinate files. By name, date, etc.
SCRTYPE Return screen type in use. CGA, MCGA, HERC, VGA, EGA, MONO, etc.
SD Select directory via a menu. Goes well with MAKEMENU utility.
SDEL Delete files including hidden, protected, in sub-directories, etc.
SETVPINF Change default directory stored in Ventura Publishers VP.INF file.
SHOWTD Show current time/date with many options including a clock.
SLEEP Sleep for specified period. Can set for keyboard to interrupt.
STUDY Study helper. Asks questions randomly & gives answers and scores.
STUFFKEY Stuff keys into the keyboard buffer. No overhead or TSR used.
STYPE Display files contents with many convert, filter, skip, options.
TESTFILE Test accessability of a file under many modes. Good network tool.
TPBEAUT Prepare Turbo Pascal 5.5 code for output to a printer.
TYPEBACK Type a text file line by line backwards. Good for listing logs.

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