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Security patch for Novell Netware 386 Version 3.1.
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Security patch for Novell Netware 386 Version 3.1.
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Contents of the PASSFIX.TXT file

A very rare security shortcoming has been identified by Novell. It has been
fixed with this patch. For most Novell customers who have intruder detection
set on - this security weakness will not pose a problem. Novell recommends
that all customers turn intruder detection on and if the customer has greater
concerns for security, they should apply this corrective patch.

This README file accompanies the PASSFIX.NLM patch file for NetWare 386
v3.10 Rev A. The following file is included for this patch:

PASSFIX.NLM 2519 1-03-91 9:00a

PASSFIX is a dynamic patch that is loaded at the file server console as a
NetWare Loadable Module. This patch fixes a password problem in NetWare
386 v3.10a.

This patch requires that the NetWare 386 Patch Manager (PATCHMAN.NLM) be
loaded. If PATCHMAN.NLM is not already loaded, NetWare will attempt to
load it automatically when a patch NLM is loaded. (For more information
about PATCHMAN.NLM and patching in general, refer to the documentation file

To implement this patch:

1) Boot your file server.

2) From a workstation, copy PASSFIX.NLM to the same directory as the
other NLM files on your system (SYS:SYSTEM is suggested). (Make
sure you have a copy of PATCHMAN.NLM there as well.)

3) Type LOAD PASSFIX at the file server console.
(PATCHMAN will load automatically if it isn't already loaded.)

4) You may desire to edit the AUTOEXEC.NCF file (an INSTALL option) to
include loading PASSFIX each time the server is booted.

NOTE: This patch will only operate on NetWare 386 v3.10a.


Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to
this software patch, and specifically disclaims any express or implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Novell's intentions for this software patch is to provide a temporary
work-around or fix to the anomalies described in this file.
Novell will not be responsible for any data loss that may result from
implementing this patch. Novell strongly recommends a backup be made
before any patch is applied. Technical support for this patch is
provided at the discretion of Novell.


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