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User print Queue view for Netware 286/386.
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User print Queue view for Netware 286/386.
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UserQ - User print queue view for Netware 286/386

How many times has a user reported: I sent my print request hours ago but
it has not printed yet, where is it????? Chances are it is still in line
behind other print requests or stuck in a stalled print queue.

With UserQ your users will be able to get a bar graph view of the print
queue they are currently captured and a list of print jobs pending. The
list of jobs pending show who the owner is and the file size. Also, your
user's jobs will show up in a different color than all others. What else
do they need to know!

Below is a summary of the features in the shareware release:

. Users jobs show up in green text, all others are red.

. Print queue status displays: IDLE - stalled or inactive queue
WAITING - no jobs, waiting for work
BUSY - printing a job

. Max jobs shows the maximum number of jobs since program load

Why register?????????? Well, in this release I left out a few features
that you may want, such as displaying the activity on all print queues and
showing a greater status range. Lets face it, I am not going to hire the
"software police" to go out there and search for unregistered users. If
you like it, register, if not then pass it on or tell me what is missing.

If you are interested in obtaining a registered copy of the next release
send $10.00 and complete the following:



Adr _______________________________________

City______________________ ST___ Zip_______

Ph ______________________

Mail to: Wallace Wilhoite
2873 Woodhollow Lane
Jonesboro, GA 30236

Registered users of PopCapt will receive this update free!

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